App of the day: Learning with Duolingo


Edemy Rodriguez

Learning a new language is now easier and more accessible. Duolingo can help anyone learn a new language on their down time.

The app, available on both the iPhone and Android, teaches the basics of any language from their selection of Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Irish, and several others.

To start, choose the desired language to learn and the rest is up to the individual to take advantage of the free learning experience that this app provides.

Whether a beginner or not, learning the words of animals, food, and simple sentences there is an option.

CSUN CTVA major Marleny Lopez was able to test out the app for a couple of days and is now fascinated with the idea that she is learning Portuguese at the tip of her fingers. She considers the app to be useful especially as a student who has wanted to learn a different language.

“I like the fact that you go through lessons and when you get one answer wrong it repeats itself to help you learn the language,” said Lopez.

Duolingo also sends friendly email reminders to encourage people to continue their lesson.