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A.S. supports fundraiser for late CTVA student

In the wake of Diron Rivers' death Associated Students (A.S.) have allocated $1,300 for a fundraising event that is intended to help the Rivers family raise money for funeral costs.

Free Anti-Virus through CSUN

I didn't know how long my anti-virus had been expired but I know it had been awhile. Then I remember that CSUN students could...

RIAA softens up

The Record Industry Association of America (RIAA) has discontinued issuing lawsuits against college students and is now focused on working with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to create initiatives to reduce the use of illegal music sharing, said officials.

Record low A.S. funds

Three weeks into the semester the Associated Student's (AS) funds for clubs and organizations are at their lowest in 10-years according to officials. While the specific amount isn't certain senators estimated during the meeting the deficit is about $20,000.

Students don’t read the fine print on their loans

When Melissa Castaneda took out a loan from Bank of America three years ago to help pay her tuition, she didn't know the difference between a federal and private loan. It was a technicality that cost her.

Snuggie vs. ShamWow

I was astounded today when I learned what Snuggies and ShamWow's are. It took me awhile but I finally looked into them. I can believe...

Get ready for Spring On-Campus Interviews (OCI)

The Spring On-Campus Interviews are a great way to check out what job's are being offered off-campus. If you're looking for a job it is important to...

Mint.com: Making it easy to save and budget

Mint, is possibly one of the scariest yet helpful websites ever! Why is it scary, you may ask? Well, because it puts everything into perspective...

The too Big Show

The total budget for the Big Show was $195,000.

Bad Experience: Eyebrow Waxing

On my quest to save a trip to the beauty salon I decided to wax my own eyebrows. The waxing kit only cost $3.28 and...

Tips: Reduce Your Expenses and/or Seek a Debt Management Counselor

For Debt Management Counseling call: Gregorio Alcantar, Financial Aid Counseling email: gregorio.alcantar@csun.edu call: 818 677-4085 He is just one of many counselors on campus who can help you...

Debt. Whose fault is it?

As a college student I know that the money I earn combined with the little money I get back from financial aid is barely...
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