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Formerly captive journalist speaks at VPAC

Kristin Hugo

March 3, 2011

Students and faculty filled the seats and the steps of the Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC) lecture hall Wednesday afternoon to listen to Euna Lee speak about her experience in captivity in North Korea. “Many journalists take risks for the important stories. That is the nature of our jobs,” ...

Targeted advertising on social networking sites is not an invasion of privacy

Kristin Hugo

February 28, 2011

Have you ever noticed online ads seem to be targeted directly at you like you’re in a science fiction movie where the companies get inside your head and magically know what you’d like to buy? Many of us don’t realize that with every box we check and choice we make online we are telling advertisers...

Oscar spotlight on ‘The Social Network’: we “like” it

Kristin Hugo

February 17, 2011

I was afraid that “The Social Network” (now available on DVD and Blu-Ray) would be just another documentary leeching off of the popularity of the latest big thing. Instead, the film has story substance and character development, although it’s not accurate enough to be a documentary. The film, which has been nominated for eight Oscars, i...

Carpool: It’s cool for school

Kristin Hugo

February 7, 2011

Nearly 75 percent of CSUN students come to school by themselves. That means 27,000 people drive a several thousand pound vehicle with five seats to school and back - alone - on a daily basis. According to a 2010 Commuting Report by the CSUN Institute for Sustainability, only about seven percent of...

Age ain’t nothing but a number for Playboy Hugh Hefner

Kristin Hugo

February 1, 2011

Love isn't about race, ability, religion or gender. So why should someone call a relationship between two people of different ages wrong or creepy? Recently Hugh Hefner, founder of “Playboy” magazine, announced that he is getting married to 24-year-old Crystal Harris, who is 60 years his junior....

Got skills? A college diploma isn’t everything to employers

Kristin Hugo

January 31, 2011

Once you've achieved that elusive college degree, it may seem like you've got a magic ticket to the career of your dreams. However, it's more complicated than that. Did you learn the skills to make you more employable? In the Job Outlook 2010 survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers,...

Did you keep your New Year’s Resolution from last year?

Kristin Hugo

January 24, 2011

Each January we promise ourselves to do something better in the upcoming year. Gyms often make the most profit in January because so many people try to commit themselves to working out. But how often do people stick with it the whole year? How much do people care about self-improvement? As it is,...

CSUN’s a capella group Acasola on its way to the top

Kristin Hugo

January 23, 2011

After four years of establishing themselves as CSUN’s first a capella singing group, Acasola is a prime example of how commitment and persistence can turn a simple idea into success. “When we started, we weren’t a powerhouse,” said co-founder Chase DeLuca, who started the club with Tille Spencer in 2006. “But we had an idea of what we were trying to create.” When the clu...

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