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Peeking into the male mind about the friend zone

Photo credit: Thomas Gallegos
Jamie Perez February 25, 2015

Throughout our dating lives, we often pursue people that are either out of our league, or simply aren’t sharing the same amount of interest as we have in them. Sometimes, we are lucky enough to land...

How real is the friend zone for females

Photo credit: Thomas Gallegos
Kristine Malicse February 25, 2015

The term "friend zone" may be a popular label for a male, but its occurrence in females are common. As a female, there seems to be a negative implication for us to tell males they are better off as...

Combating the concept of the friend zone

Combating the concept of the friend zone
Madison Wood April 23, 2014

"I’m tired of being thought of as “just a friend” by so many girls. Is the friend zone forever?" Being put in the “friend zone” is something we have all encountered at some point in our dating...

Chivalry is not dead, just underground

Chivalry is not dead, just underground
Jake Fredericks October 27, 2013

Opening and holding open a door for a woman, pulling out a chair for her to be seated, offering to hang up her coat at a social venue, riding a horse. These are all acts that align with chivalrous behavior. Riding...

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