Superfood Smoothie recipe

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With finals right around the corner, students scramble looking to cram in a quick meal and more frequently than not, an energy boost. Now, while most clamor for the closest energy drink or stand in line for a red eye, there are other healthier options that not only can wake you up, but sustain and nourish as well.


Fill a blender with the following ingredients:


Handful of fresh or frozen strawberries

One banana

1 T green powder/liquid (I try and use chlorella or E3 Live whenever possible, but spirulina or any other green powder works)

1 t bee pollen

1 t maca powder

1 T flax seeds

1 T coconut oil

1/3 c plain nonfat yogurt

1 T cacao powder

1 scoop hemp protein powder

Sweeten to taste (agave nectar, honey or stevia preferred)

Enough almond milk (or whatever non-dairy alternative) to cover ingredients in blender. This can be adjusted depending on how thick you like your smoothies, ice can be added too if desired.

Blend. Garnish with a fresh berry or sprinkle some bee pollen on top and enjoy! You’ll have wings after one of these babies!

Maca is a root from Peru that’ been used for generations. It’s believed to increase longevity amongst other benefits. Maca is an adaptogen; it helps give more energy if feeling fatigued and also can calm nerves if anxious. Maca also is a natural aphrodisiac, always a plus! Cacao has naturally-occurring traces of caffeine and also is an antioxidant. Bee pollen provides a kick of energy as well.

The greens (whatever form you choose) not only balance your blood’s pH levels, but are packed full of nutrients. If using an algae like E3 Live, chlorella or spirulina, you get the added benefit of flooding your body with detoxifying chemicals, perfect for when the pressure’s on.

Now, as far as protein powders go, I’m partial to hemp protein. It’s plant-based and is actually the easiest for your body to absorb (aside from whey protein) as its molecular structure is very similar to our blood’s plasma– bioavailability, here we come! If you are a little unsure of hemp, no worries, opt for whey if dairy isn’t an issue or maybe rice protein. Just don’t go for soy, it’s the most genetically modified of all the options and is a phytoestrogen, so it can toy with your hormone balance.

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