Fun nail design mobile apps for amateur nail artists

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Nail Designs and Nail Tips (by MCS Publications)– This is an app for ladies who are easily bored with their nails. It offers tips on how to keep your nails looking fresh, chip free, and cute. For anyone who has spent hours trying to get the perfect French tip, don’t fear – there are video tutorials, photos, tweets, and short stories on how to get it right. The layout is user friendly, even if the color scheme of bright pink and white can be a little too girly.The app is updated on a regular basis and is free for Android users.Nail Art Tips and Designs (by Amerozzy)  – Almost identical in name as the Android app, this one provides amature nail artists with news, photos, blogs, and video and written tutorials. Video tutorials are separated into a “How To” section and “More Videos.” There is also a “Nail Health” section that provides tips and trick for even the nastiest nail problems. In the photo gallery you can catch up on the latest nail trends, such as magnetic nail polish, or get ideas for your next manicure. However some users have complained that the app crashes often or takes too long to load.

This app is also updated regularly and is free for iPhone users.

Nail Art Gallery (by Tattoos) – Last, but not least, this app was included for any Blackberry users that may still be around. Unfortunately, the app is only a photo gallery, but it offers hundreds of professional, high quality photos for inspiration. Most of the designs are done by nail technicians. The only downside is that the load time can take longer than expected.

This app is free and available through Blackberry App World.


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