Holiday shopping apps

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Better Christmas List
($1.99 iOS, Free Android)
Keep track of what you spend and who you spend it on, on something better than that crumpled up piece of paper in your pocket.  With Better Christmas List you can track every cent that you have spent, create special lists and establish a budget for yourself in case you go overboard.  In the most likely event that you do exceed your budget, Better Christmas List will alert you.  A gift registry guide will allow you to record what gifts you have bought so you don’t buy two of the same for your friends.

iThank You
($1.99 iOS)
If you receive tons of gifts this season, remembering to write thank you notes can be difficult.  iThank You helps you record what gifts you were given and who gave it to you. It also informs you if their address is in your phone and will automatically have the address appear by their name.  After mailing out a thank you card you can mark that off on your list.

(FREE iOS and Android)
   Holiday shopping can be one of the longest and tedious things we do throughout the holiday season, always shopping for the best bargains.  What may be $400 in one store may be $350 in a store just down the street, and this app takes the hassle of driving store to store to compare prices. It allows you to scan the barcode or input the item description so ShopSavvy can search nearby retailers for the item and price.

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