CSUN dining holds on campus job fair


The panel of Vendors interviewing students for available job openings at the CSUN dining job fair. (Josue Aguilar/The Sundial)

Manuel Fuentes

Employees from Subway, Freudian Sip, Arbor Grill and other dining locations on campus conducted interviews with about 200 students who attended the CSUN Dining job fair on Tuesday.

Gilda Hendrickson, of the university corporation organized and hosted the event.

“We really need employers. We want students to have the opportunity to work on campus,“ Hendrickson said. “This is what we are all about here. To me these kids are the future.”

Hendrickson has been a part of the university corporation for 22 years and when organizing these job fairs, she tries to find opportunities to help students who do not have experience or who are unemployed.

Hendrickson’s goal was to provide equal treatment towards all students.

“We take every student with no experience,” she said. “We train before school starts and we really need employees to work on campus and get familiarized with the system.”

Manager for Geronimo’s dining hall, John Johnson, was also part of the interviewing panel and offered students a few tips about interviews.

“Smile. We like people that smile when greeting the customer,” Johnson said. “Have personable skills and convince us you’re dependable.”

Ruben Cota, who is a manager at Subway, said he hires students whether or not they have experience. Cota also said students shouldn’t be discouraged when applying for jobs.

“Just because you haven’t had a job doesn’t mean you’re not going to work as hard,” Cota said.

Some students shared how they felt at the beginning of their interview and what they gained from the experience.

Chemistry major, Kendall Shannon, 18, said he learned that the job fair allows people to realize how interviews work outside of campus.