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10 steps to ace final exams

(File Photo/Ellen Krausse/The Sundial)

With finals approaching in just a few weeks, there are several steps that can be taken to help secure that elusive A.

1. Manage study time wisely and not let the test sneak up. Procrastination is a grade killer, so taking an hour a day to prepare for final exams can help avoid the dreaded all-nighter.

2. Get off of all social media and avoid all distractions for the weeks leading up to final exams. Temporarily disabling Facebook, Instagram and other social media accounts can help to limit distractions, according to

3. Have a good sleep schedule leading up to finals week so the lack of rest won’t be an issue during the exams. Meditating and calming the body and mind can help in getting a good night’s rest, which can reduce anxiety and stress.

4. Exercise to help focus the mind, retain information and reduce stress. Several scientific studies have shown that doing cardio and other exercises improve the ability to learn and retain information, as well as being a healthy distraction from studying, according to The New York Times.

5. Eat healthy snacks that keep energy up and can help with focus and retaining information. According to BBC’s Good Food, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables are all foods that have been known to offer positive nutrients to boost brainpower.

6. This step is well-known to college students because it is simply drinking coffee or other caffeine alternatives to help stay awake to study. Some alternatives to coffee are tea, meditation, eating a healthy snack and conducting a short workout, according to

7. Switch up normal study spots with unique quiet settings. Spending hours in the library can be tedious, but taking turns studying in a local coffee house or just outside on a random table can help make the process seem more bearable.

8. Get together with a couple of classmates and create or join a study group. Study groups can be very beneficial as other people can often explain information in different ways for concepts that can be difficult to understand, according to USA Today College.

9. Take advantage of anything the professor offers that can potentially help with the study process. Attending any and all review sessions, focus on study guides, and complete self-grading practice tests can help maximize preparedness for the exams.

10. Prepare for everything directly before the exam. Getting a full eight hours of rest the night before, eating a healthy nutritious meal the morning of the exam and visualizing a positive test taking experience with a positive outcome can help in getting an A on any final exam.

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