CSUN Vietnamese Student Association holds 4th annual Vietnamese Culture Night


Not only was there a play, but there were many dance numbers and songs that helped incorporate the Vietnamese culture. Photo credit: Nate Graham

Nate Graham

The Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) held their fourth annual Vietnamese Culture Night at the Plaza Del Sol.

The event was held on April 1st and featured a play called “Lullaby,” which featured singing, dancing and incorporated many different aspects of the Vietnamese Culture.

According to the association, the purpose of the event was to “spread knowledge of culture, traditions and struggles within Vietnamese-Americans and their families.”

The play told the story of a young soldier named Huy who meets a salon singer named Tu who start a family together. However, things get complicated when Huy is sent to fight for the Vietcong in the Vietnam War.

Tinh Nguyen, the director, playwright and one of the main characters, had a specific motivation when coming up with this story.

“I want the audience to know that Asian women are brave and inspiring, especially when it is about family,” Nguyen said.

Other stories the VSA has told in previous years include stories of youth, interracial friendship and members of the LGBTQ community.

The event was a major hit as hundreds of people showed their support for CSUN's Vietnamese community.
The costumes were elaborate as a traditional Lion Dance was performed, which is a form of the Chinese Dragon Dance typically performed at festivals.
Director, playwright and actor Tinh Nguyen played Huy, a South Vietnamese soldier who fought during the Vietnam war. His biggest life goal is to have his own family whom he can protect. Photo credit: Nate Graham
CSUN student Von Bondoc had two separate solo hip hop performances in the show. Photo credit: Nate Graham