iPhone X alternatives for a cheaper price


The iPhone X, an all-glass design with a 5.8-inch Super Retina display. (Apple)

Alin Boughousi

Just last week, Apple introduced the new iPhone 8 and iPhone X. While the price for the iPhone 8 is $699 and for the Plus it is $799, the iPhone X features face ID recognition and the elimination of the home button located at the bottom-center of the product. The starting price for this product is $999.

However, if you don’t like the newest features of Apple’s newest products, there are plenty of other gadgets you can choose from. Here are five alternatives to the newest iPhone for a cheaper price:

The Samsung Galaxy S8:

The phone has an easy grip to hold onto and has pristine images for the screen. The S8 will make you scroll less. The price of the S8 is from $ 724.99, according to Samsung’s website.

The OnePlus 5:

The phone looks like an iPhone. It has more RAM and faster storage. The OnePlus 5 is an Android phone. The price of the OnePlus 5 is $479.00 for six RAMS and $539 for eight RAMS, according to OnePlus 5. The phone is now available in stores.

The Pixel:

The phone is created from Google. The battery life is can last up to 13 hours based on internet use. The storage is up 128 GB. It doesn’t have the waterproof capabilities like the iPhone. The cost of the phone is $649, according to Google. This phone is available now.

The HTC U11:

The phone is created from HTC. The HTC U11 is an Android phone. It has sensors for different touch options. The battery can last for 24 hours. There isn’t anything lacking since it is similar to the iPhone. It costs $649.00 and is available now for purchase, according to HTC.

The Nokia 8:

The Nokia phone has four GB of RAM. The screen is made of glass. It has great storage space such as 64 GB. The phone costs a measly $499. It is currently available in most technology stores, according to Nokia.