Fall Fashion: Blazers, Metals and Prints

Angelica Bonomo

Photo Credit Needed
Photo credit: Angelica Bonomo / Staff Photographer

I have a request to make to designers. Instead of having models posing in over the top looks in magazines with hairstyles and make-up making them look impossibly gorgeous, give the clothes to college women. They’re really the ones that inspire fashion. I love walking, lets say to get lunch on campus and see a girl who has taken the trends and put them together in a way that makes me think “Wow I love her look, I need a shirt, jacket, shoes like that.” These girls are recessionistas, they continue to exhibit flair and style regardless of the size of their bank account. After collecting data from my “primary sources,” female college students, I have compiled a list of this fall’s top 10 trends and essentials to transition your style into the fall.

The first trend is an oldie but a goodie, plaid. Yes plaid is still going strong. The great thing about it is you can tryout different color combinations, or even try applying plaid to skirts or accessories like scarves. The next heavy print/trend is the global trend. Exotic prints, motifs and embellishments. All fall under this category. The third fall trend, a flowy skirt, could be combined with a cool Aztec print and you have two trends for the price of one.

But wait you say, aren’t these summer styles? Fret not my fellow recessionistas. By just layering a cardigan, or this season’s must have the boyfriend blazer, you can take this trend into the fall season. The blazer will add structure to your flowy skirts, dresses and tops. They also add polish to jeans and a T-shirt. Want something with a little more attitude? Try fall’s fifth trend, a black leather (or pleather) jacket instead.

While the joy of living in California is we can wear those cute sandals into December, the time will come to trade them for some gorgeous slouchy boots, or more specific the sixth trend, ankle booties. Pair them with just about anything and you can incorporate one or two fall trends; fringe booties uses the global influence trend, wearing a pair with metal studs for the metal accents trend, or for the more daring, a colored ankle bootie. A rich color like royal blue adds distinction to an all-black outfit, or a simple T-shirt and skinny jean.

The role of bright colors, like neon pink, this season is to add some happy vibes during those gloomy chilly days. The rule is to keep them limited to one item in your outfits, or using them as accents to muted and neutral color palettes. Try a bright color scarf on top of that boyfriend blazer or black leather jacket. The eighth trend, metal studs also works as an accent to many outfits. Whether on your boots, belts or bag you get that rocker chic flavor.

The ninth trend is bold statement jewelry: Long chain necklaces, sparkly bib necklaces and layers of bangles on your wrists.  Versions of the global influence, metal and bold colors can be found in statement jewelry. As for handbags, while structure bags are always a classic choice, it’s time to embrace this season’s shoulder bags, or saddlebags as some refer to them as. Wear them long and swingy for a retro vibe, or with a shorter strap for a more polished look.

Like I said before, the girls who always look perfect and catch your eye as they pass you are the ones who take the trends and make them their own. Being a recessionista is about having style with very little to work with. You don’t have to incorporate every trend, or even limit yourself to just one. Whether you take the prints, the metal or the neon, take these trends and make them your own.