Recession Living 101: Comfort reigns for CSUN fasion

Wendy Barba

Photo Caption: Camille Hislop / Staff Photographer Kristeen Washington (left) and Jessica Williamson (right), show off their unique yet comfortable style.
Photo Caption: Camille Hislop / Staff Photographer Kristeen Washington (left) and Jessica Williamson (right), show off their unique yet comfortable style.

Among our campus, there are three signature fashion styles for men and women.

Women have a tendency of dressing casual, feminine or in layers. Men also wear the casual look. Sporty outfits and a dressier look are also popular for them. One commonality between the two is both consider the level of comfort when choosing an outfit.

The casual look for women is all about keeping it simple. Colorful T-shirts and sandals are a staple for this as well as flat boots. Women keep this casual look from being plain by choosing one piece in the outfit to stand out.

Kristeen Washington, a kinesiology major, helped her classic V-neck stand out by wearing unique jeans. Her torn and bleached jeans (distressed by friend Jessica Williamson) made her look different from everyone else who was wearing basic jeans and a tee.

Although she describes her style as “neutral,” her look is anything but subtle. A key to her style is being fearless.

“I just know what I want to wear. I am not scared,” said Washington.
Something to consider when wearing a simple outfit is to use hair and makeup to compliment your individual style.

Washington’s friend Williamson, a psychology major, amplified her outfit by wearing bright red lipstick and a short Mohawk.

For most women on campus the layered look is essential for keeping warm during the fall. But remember to make sure your look is cohesive.

Eliana Aceves, a kinesiology major, achieved this by pairing a classic long-sleeved shirt with a simple vest. Her Ugg boots helped pull the look together.

Also popular within the casual category is adding contrast to a layered look. The royal blue tee Jiliana D’amico was wearing stands out against the zebra print cardigan. The business management major said she “doesn’t like to match,” but still managed to pull off a cohesive look.

A great way to keep floral skirts blooming this fall is to wear them with dark tights. This helps transition the look from summer to fall. Ashlei Gaston, an apparel merchandising major, and Brittany Bruce, a liberal studies major, paired skirts with textured tights.

Gaston said she wanted to wear tights, but opted for fishnets because she knew she would be warm. Bruce said she likes her looks to be funky. She accomplished this by combining her floral skirt with lace tights.

For men at CSUN, the casual look pertains more to being comfortable. This look usually involved layering a hooded sweatshirt over a T-shirt. The men sharpened their casual style by adding funky and colorful sneakers to flatter their shirt.

Daniel Powley, 22, said he likes being casual and not putting too much thought into his wardrobe selection. Ivory Leyve, 18, majoring in music, agrees.
“I chose this because it was the only thing I had clean,” said Leyve.

Casual dressy is also popular on campus. This look is attainable by mixing different styles together. The most common was a blend of a button-up shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Do as health administration major Omar Abdelrahman did. He paired skinny jeans and tennis shoes with a plaid shirt.

Sharaujid Singh, an electrical engineering major, pulled off this look by wearing a different plaid shirt but with fitted jeans.

Another aspect of the laid back look is the sporty trend.

These looks range from wearing an Angels baseball cap, to a Dodgers jacket or a Lakers jersey. This look is very common on our campus among men.

In the end, CSUN students show it doesn’t take much effort to look chic. All you need is to incorporate standout pieces to add drama to a simple ensemble.