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Fight ends USU Matador Nights early


A fight at Matador Nights at about 12:20 a.m., April 23, brought the festivities to an early end. Two unidentified male suspects were apprehended by police. One was knocked unconcious for about 10 minutes before he revived. CSUN police has told festival goers to evacuate.

USU Matador Nights is open to CSUN students as well as one guest with college I.D. per CSUN student.  This was the 15th installment of Matador Nights and it was scheduled to end at 1 a.m.



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  1. Old Glory Apr 25, 2011

    It took two reporters to cover 2 paragraphs?

  2. Kristine Z. Apr 23, 2011

    hmm sounds violent lolll

  3. Dakota Lopez Apr 23, 2011

    The reason why cars were getting broken into is because there was no security. I saw a petition that said that CSUN AS Prez Conor Lansdale is the 4th highest paid President in the 23 school CSU system. Perhaps he and his executive staff should donate part of that skyrocketing salary to provide some security for the night. Shame on him.

    1. Conor Lansdale Apr 26, 2011

      “skyrocketing salary” is incorrect. We decided to freeze the compensation, and that has been honored for the past 2 years of leadership.

      and “Shame me,” for what? Dakota, please feel free to contact me if you have any ideas for the Associated Students can help prevent incidents like this in the future, or any problem you might have on campus at president@csunas.org

  4. Dakota Lopez Apr 23, 2011

    Wow. Cars getting broken into? Fights? (I don’t even think they served alcohol). I’m not surprised because studies show that the less you exercise, the more stress and aggression you have toward others. If CSUN reinstated sports like swimming and football, there would be more people taking out their aggression on the playing field. The more sports you cut, the more fights like this will happen

    1. Huh? Really? Surely you can’t be serious. Let me sum up why there was fighting and cars were burglarized: The people involved are a**holes!

      That’s why.

      1. Dakota Lopez Apr 25, 2011

        Mr. Liberterian, put your money where your mouth is and reply to the comment below. You missed out on it.

        1. Okay, you’ve made two separate posts: one about WHY people steal and fight, which I think I’ve adequately addressed above; the other about the perceived lack of security. Maybe there wasn’t enough security but I’m not certain that it directly relates to whether or not my liberal friend, Conor Lansdale, is the 4th highest-paid AS president in the system.

          I looked up the AS budget (http://www.csunas.org/annualbudget/MasterWorksheetEdited100330.pdf) and was actually surprised that AS presidents and staff are paid at all–I thought they did it for the experience and so they could put it on their résumés. The budget shows that the president and vice president collectively get $44,593 in stipends. Not too shabby!

          Maybe AS could have allocated to Matador Nights security some of that $9000 they gave to MEChA, the radical anti-American group that wants to take over a portion of the US and “return” it to “Aztlan.” CSUN students should be outraged that their money goes to this group.

          1. Honda Love Apr 26, 2011

            Just to clarify, Matador Nights is hosted by the University Student Union NOT Associated Students. Also University Student Union are paid staff which means they are paid hourly as for Associated Students Programming board is stipend $120 biweekly. If you want to add facts, you should know the facts.

          2. Dakota Lopez Apr 26, 2011

            Honda Love, the bottom line is that you didn’t address why the AS executives are the 4th highest paid in the CSU system. THey make over $17,000 a year, while the President of of CSU San Francisco makes $11,000. Do you at least have the sense that you are being robbed and you don’t even know it? The lowest salary is $3,000!!! There is already a recall petition at CSULB because they are the 2nd highest paid.

          3. Conor Lansdale Apr 26, 2011

            Hey Everyone, thought I would chime in just to clarify some numbers…
            The $44,593 is divided into a few forms of compensation. The President and Vice President recent a bi-weekly stipend for 26 pay periods. This budget line item also covers their parking passes, and tuition reimbursement.

            and just a side comment, I am not a member of MEChA, but they have a long and committed history here at CSUN. There budget allocations are well spent, thanks to very consistent student attendance at events, and well transitioned leadership creates an organization that receives the support of Associated Students in hopes of creating lasting experiences for our students.

  5. Reo Apr 23, 2011

    And while all the cops were there, all of our cars were getting broken into.

  6. Josh Apr 23, 2011

    Sucks that this happened what CSUN needs to do is make this even for Matadors only – that would cut down on things like this screwing it up for the rest of us.

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