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K-I-S-S to keep it hot and heavy

Courtesy of MCT

A relationship is like a scented candle. When we first buy it, it’s whole and new. That first lit flame and smell, reminds us why we picked that one. But as we get to the middle of the candle, the smell starts to fade away, just as relationships tend to do. We often forget that if we keep igniting the wick from time to time, that sweet smell that led us to purchase it will soon come back.

Part of being in a committed relationship involves us making the decision to keep that flame lit so we can embrace the sweetness of our relationship. So we then ask ourselves, how do we keep that intimacy going? Well, keeping the aroma of sexual spice brewing is actually pretty simple.

The “r” word, ROMANCE, can quickly dwindle away after just one year of being committed to each other. When that happens we start to panic because we don’t know how to keep that fire burning or we feel it takes too much time to keep our companionship steamy. Having a mindset like that will only get us a boring and dull relationship.

I once read that the key to keeping a relationship alive is by one simple word, KISS. That luscious word was broken down as:





Think about it, it makes sense. We’ve already caught the fish, which was the hard part. Now all we have to do is keep it and that should be simple and sexy. Looking at it from that standpoint, there should be no excuse as to how we can keep the intimacy rolling. Here are some ways that may help us keep it hot and steamy:

  • Keep it SEXY: This is targeted especially to the women, men too but mostly us women. We can not let ourselves go. If we were on top of our A game when it came down to being sexy in the beginning, then ladies we have to maintain that A. Being sexy all the time can be time consuming and unrealistic in our everyday lives, but we can at least try. Remember, keep it simple and sexy. Start by retaining that sexy body. Trying out new workout regimens, preferably in the bedroom with each other, always keeps it fresh, raunchy and spicy.  Unconsciously, staying fit is easy. Just because we got him, doesn’t mean we can start inhaling Twinkies. That goes for men too. Don’t go from Johnny Depp to Jack Black.
  • Keep MANDATORY dates: Yes, I said it, mandatory dates. Just because we’ve been with someone for years doesn’t mean the dates have to seize. Every relationship needs to feel like it’s still brand new. Taking time out of our busy lives to designate a day of the month where we dedicate all of our attention and love to our partner is another way to bring spice into a relationship. This particular day should be about rekindling the love we have with our mate. Friends, family and cell phones should NOT be allowed on the date. There are different ways to plan this mandatory date. It can be for one night or better yet, plan it for a whole weekend. The same romantic gestures that were used on the first date should be continued on the monthly dates. The men shouldn’t forget how they swept their ladies off their feet. Planning these monthly dates should be thought out thoroughly. Anyone can plan a date. But creativity in each and every one is a major turn on, just in case the men out there didn’t know.  Women pay close attention to the detail and if the men want to keep the fire in the bedroom flaming HOT, then a dinner and a movie will not cut it.
  • Keep romantic ideas: the quirky romantic ideas are what sealed the deal and finalized our pick. Now its time to spruce up those sensual ideas a little more. Inexpensive ways to express one’s love is the number one way to keep a relationship steamy. Sending a dozen of red roses is old school. Instead put another spin on it by sending 11 red roses and 1 rose of a different color. Attach a meaningful note addressed to that special one. The bedroom is a place where we can put our romantic minds to work. Have a little imagination when it comes to sex. Try role playing with a new sexual identity. If the bedroom becomes boring, try acting out a naughty nurse or a seductive librarian. Getting creative with expressing the love we have for one another, can be inexpensive and thoughtful. Here’s an idea that will surely melt hearts across the world. Take an old Pringles can, carve it into the shape of a capsule pill. Decorate it with love and inside fill it with phrases stating why you fell in love with that person and reasons why the love will grow over the years.
  • Keep touching one another: a soft touch every now and then keeps the love alive. Sometimes we get so caught up with working and school that a nice gentle rub from our loved ones makes it all better. Remember, the idea mentioned earlier, KEEP IT SIMPLE AND SEXY. So what better and inexpensive way to show compassion towards our mates then by giving them a FREE massage. There are other ways throughout the day where we can be a little touchy. Ladies, men sometimes put on their machismo attitude and act like they don’t like being touched when in actuality they do. A soft and gentle rub on the back of their head or neck is a sure way to make him rise.  A simple arousal gesture like that may get that ball game cut off during fourth quarter. Just remember, a little affection never hurt anybody.

There are a number of reasons why romance should be kept alive. Experiencing that infatuation over and over again during the duration of any relationship is a wonderful feeling. Reliving that moment creates fireworks in our hearts and that’s what keeps the love in our hearts pumping.

Also as people we are a lot of happier when we’re in love. It’s so obvious to detect when we see someone in love. They are constantly smiling all the time and nothing can get them down.

Romance provides a deeper understanding of what each other’s love is towards one another. It will strengthen our character, our self-esteem and self-confidence.

Ladies and gentlemen, always keep it spicy, simple and sexy.

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