Funky fresh fashion: Up-and-coming fashion designer launches her own line of hip-hop street wear

Chelsea Underwood

'The Street Team' posing at a recent photo shoot. Photo courtesy of Donna Adi Yehuda

Point Blank Los Angeles is an up and coming fashion line by LA-based fashion designer Donna Adi Yehuda, a 19-year old fashion design and marketing major.

Yehuda has loved fashion since the very beginning since she was very young.

“I was scarred as a child by the way my mother would dress me, she would make me wear the most ridiculous clothing and so I rebelled against her awful fashion sense and developed a style of my own,” Yehuda said.

Metallic colors, bold fonts and the PointBlankLA logo can be seen among the gray and white backgrounds of the collection’s many shirts.

“It’s hip hop, edgy, street wear and funky,” Yehuda said.

Yehuda’s biggest inspiration has been creativity, she said. It’s what got her into fashion.

“When I was in high school I would design (and) sew Halloween costumes for me and my friends — homecoming dresses, bathing suits, shoes, sweaters, pants and I even made my prom dress,” she said.

From there, she started making t-shirts for friends and the line became quite popular.

“I started Point Blank when I was 17. I started printing shirts for my friends on their birthdays and they became so popular that I decided to start my own line,” she said.

Since then, Yehuda has had many amazing opportunities come her way. These include working with MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew, “944 Magazine,” International Dance Academy (IDA) and even Toni Braxton’s new music video, “Make My Heart.”

Most of these opportunities happened because of friends, she said.

“With ABDC and Toni Braxton, I am a good friend of people who are involved and they helped get Point Blank to feature on set,” she said.

“944 Magazine” approached her to be a part of their “Undiscovered Artists Show”.

“It was my first show that I had ever done and I was so nervous about being a part of something so big but everything flowed smoothly and I received great feedback from everyone who attended.”

Yehuda said she also dances and that’s how she got involved with IDA.

“IDA found me through a dancer. I love working with IDA and recently hosted a booth at this years World of Dance with them,” she said.

While working with World of Dance — the largest U.S. urban dance competition, according to their website — Yehuda had a chance to showcase her line, she had a Point Blank Los Angeles photo shoot that took place on April 7.

To help kick off her career, Adi Yehuda wants to host a fashion show at CSUN, but is still in the process of working out all the details.

“I have not really given that much thought yet. When it happens I would like to get as many people involved as possible,” she said.

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