Women’s apparel trends for the fall

Leonie Jones

Photo credit: Katie Grayot, Staff Photographer

The time has come to put away the high waist shorts, tunic dresses, miniskirts, and sandals, now that fall is finally here. Get ready to step into the new season with style.
There will be many new trends as well as old ones that are making their way back into the fall season. This year New York Fashion Week was alive with bright and colorful outfits as well as neutral tones.

On Top

This past summer, stores like H&M and Forever 21 were filled with light denim collared shirts, Mickey and Minnie mouse shirts, and boyfriend jeans. Light pastels were popular as well, but don’t worry these same items are rolling over into the fall.

Many women have been seen wearing lace shirts and leggings. In addition, stripes have been hot this past season, and the romper jumpsuit definitely made a big comeback this year.
The must-have piece for fall is always a fashionable, yet functional jacket. Boyfriend blazers and military jackets are still in full effect, but in new hues such as camel colored. The camel colored jacket may be seen mostly in a pea coat style. Moreover, leather jackets took a break for the spring and summer, but they are back in action. Most leather coats can be seen in an aviator style.

On Bottom

Ladies, get ready to put on a new look from an old decade. Styles from the 60’s with a little modern twist is what women will be wearing. Full skirts that will remind you of the “Grease” movies are also being showcased on the runways now.
Furthermore, from the runways to the hallways, women have been sporting some kind of legging or tights recently. New York Fashion Week displayed knee highs and white stockings for the new season. This shouldn’t be a surprise since leggings have been so popular for the past couple of seasons. Since thigh-high boots made such a big impression this past season, of course knee highs had to make their way back as well.


What truly makes an outfit is not necessarily a great blouse or jacket, but it’s the accessories that separate an outfit from a generic look to an individual masterpiece. This fall, accessorize with rings, rings, and more rings. Feel free to bring those jewels right up to your wrist, because rings and bracelets are still in. Keep in mind, wearing more than one at a time is perfect for the fall. Also, new accessories to look forward to this season are crocheted accessories such as earrings, purses, and necklaces.


As far as shoes are concerned, boots will do just fine as long as they have a little something extra. During New York Fashion Week, the models were seen treading down the runway with ankle boots accompanied by slouch socks or knee highs. The socks add an extra layer helping the boot to keep from looking plain.


Fur has also been making a strong appearance on the runway. Pieces such as fur jackets, fur collared shirts, fur boots, fur scarves, even fur head pieces have been spotted. One can put a fur accessory with just about anything.

Some may consider these fashion choices to be somewhat risky, but when is fashion not risky? Take a chance and do something different. Be unique, set yourself apart from the norm, and enjoy the new trends.
With all the new fashion trends arriving, one will have many options to choose from and many opportunities to create a new look with a little personal flavor. Just always remember stay true to yourself, and be fabulous.