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Living With A Stranger

Dorm life can mean freedom away from home, space of your own and learning to live with a total stranger. For any cases, students move in the dormitories where the experiences can be good or bad. It all depends on communication, respect and learning boundaries.

When applying to a dormitory there are a few basic questions set up online to know about that stranger than soon will be sleeping next to you.

Getting to know your roommate is the first thing that you have to do before even moving in. But if you did not bother to read the survey, the first thing to do the day you move in is TALK; get to know each other.

Ice breakers can work by finding something in common with that stranger making things familiar and less awkward and go from there. Trying to get to know them in a deeper level since you will become like family for a whole year of living together. Know of any health problems in case of emergency, their family and friends since you’ll see them in the course of the year.

Knowing each others school schedules is good, think about it this way, you rush out the door to get to class and forget you key would you be willing to pay for someone to open the door or be saved by your roommate?

Study habits is a must talk about subject. People study in many different ways, some need music, some need food and others need total quietness. The dorms have special study rooms in every building for those than need their space.

Sleeping habits, because you would like to know if the person sleeping next to you is have nightmares frequently at 3 a.m. or if they are sleep walker or even those that can stay up all night and sleep-in.

Food habits- some people like eating alone, some eat at night, some eat healthy, some eat junk food all day every day, and others simply cook. Remembering that everyone is different and unique can also apply to food choice, not everyone will like to smell or eat your food.

Making sure both of you sort out who is bringing what to the dorm it is essential to make it clear what you want to share and what you prefer not to share as far as personal belongings go.

Remember that nobody is perfect; roommates have to compromise in everything to avoid any unnecessary confrontations later. One of the biggest learning lessons about living with someone is to be accepting of the way they want to live. Some habits you will just have to adjust to and at the end is part of the great experience.

In the meantime, here are a few solutions to those “types” of roommates.

First and far most the messy roommate- The matter is that some are clean freaks and other just drop it anywhere, it’s as simple as asking if they can pick it up. Something expired in the fridge, asking if you can throw it away. That is why it’s so important to get the do’s and dont’s in the beginning so you will not get the famous quote: “Well if it bothered you so much why didn’t you say anything?” If the situation starts going down south, suggest setting aside weekend mornings for a quick cleanup for the both of you to participate in. If it doesn’t affect you, don’t bother asking, and don’t move things without their permission.

The roommate with a boyfriend or girlfriend- in this situation try to talk to her or him about how you feel a bit weird, and if they get touchy on the subject you might just have to avoid them at all cost. Remember it is your room too, so the best thing is to try as hard as possible to ignore them. Or go out and let them know you’ll be back so they know they have time for themselves and create space to avoid awkwardness.

Some roommates can get loud at times- simply ask them to lower it down. With tests coming up, you can go to the library or study rooms and get the quite you need. However, if it happens all the time or if you can’t get sleep, ask her if she could put headphones on if she’s listening to music or go somewhere else if she is hanging out with friends.

The roommate who NEVER leaves the room- Sometime we all need our alone time. Although it doesn’t seem like a big deal at the beginning, it may start to annoy you, that’s why knowing each others schedule works in this situation, that way you can take advantage of the time you have to yourself.

While there are many other roommate problems, most can be solved by talking to your roommate as the problem emerges. Work out your situations before things get worse. If you feel like it is a problem you can’t resolve talk to either a Residential Advisor. Sometimes some battles aren’t worth fighting and you might want to consider moving out and starting all over.

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