Student shows appreciation to police by preaching

Rima Bek

Photo credit: Rima Bek, Staff reporter

Marilyn Ee, a CSUN international student, has watched many cop shows, one of the earliest being “World’s Wildest Police Videos.”

Ee has had an interest in cops  since she was 8 years old, she said. She doesn’t want to become a cop, she wants to minister to cops, she said.

Ee, who is a 23-year-old Christian from Malaysia, said that in March 2009, she met someone who was involved in a ministry for cops.

“When I found out about this ministry, I realized I could do something with this interest instead of just being interested and watch cop shows all day,” Ee said.

It’s the American cops that do good stuff, she said. They save lives, respond to accident scenes, and catch the bad guys. You don’t hear about the cops in Europe, the cops in Russia or in Malaysia, Ee added.

When Ee spots an officer who is not busy, not at an accident scene or is not pulling someone over, she tries to talk with that officer, she said.

“I try my best to muster up the courage to actually walk up to them, say hi, thank them for their services and basically appreciate them,” she said.

Each person has their own method for approaching officers. The friend that introduced her to the cop ministry is a more fatherly individual, Ee said.

“I can’t exactly follow his (friend’s) way,” Ee said. “I don’t have the same personality. I’m not the same age, so I’m going to have to find a different technique.”

When it comes to striking up a conversation with an officer, Ee said they’re really happy when someone comes up to them and is not swearing at them, yelling at them, or coming to them with a problem.

Ee added it is as simple as going right up to them and saying thank you for their services.

If she remembers or feels it is appropriate, she will offer the officers a book called “Take Up The Shield” by Tony Miano. Miano, who is a street cop, compares the uniform to the spiritual armor of God, as described in the Bible, she said.

“I’m not trying to convert anyone per say,” Ee said. “But I feel the book is good. It’s a blessing to me. I just want to bless them with it.”

One of Ee’s favorite parts about the ministry is how she constantly runs into the same officers one semester after another.

“It feels like I have a friendship with the people I admire,” Ee said.

Some people do not admire the police department because of some corrupted officers that do illegal deeds under the badge, Ee said.

“But, they’re still human,” Ee said. “Every other person does the things that they do. I am just as upset over brutality cases as I am appreciative of their services to the community.”

Ee said the police department does the same work as the fire department does (except in putting out fires).

“They save lives,” Ee said. “They respond to scenes. They’re taking rapists and killers off the streets. I think they deserve more appreciation than we give them.”

With concerns to expanding the ministry for cops, Ee said that she doesn’t know yet. She said there has to be more than what she’s currently doing.

“I mainly search for them to minister to them, but I would love to be a service to them and I do pray for them,” Ee said.