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Men’s fall fashion essentials

Mens fall fashion essentials
Photo credit: Katie Grayot, Staff Photographer

Guys, fall is fast approaching and it is time to update your wardrobe and put away the bright 1980’s inspired fashions that exploded during the spring and summer.

In general, men’s clothing does not offer that many options. And not all guys have the same style. So these tips and trends can go straight across the board regardless if you’re the surfer, the skater, the all black apparel or the jeans and free T-shirt kind of dresser. These trends will instantly update your wardrobe, without breaking the bank too much.

The Jacket or Coat
Everyone needs one and fall is the perfect time to get one, especially to get through the cold windy days that the valley has ahead of us.

Men’s fall style pays homage to the earlier fashions of the 1930s and 1940s. There is no surprise to this trend, but the way it has evolved is infusing a military expression into these jackets.

Pick a hue in a neutral military-inspired tone. We are talking Army green, a deep hocolate brown or navy. The jacket can either be single or double-breasted.

A single-breasted jacket has two or three buttons and a notched lapel. A double-breasted jacket has a wide overlap and two parallel columns of buttons. Brass or antiqued silver buttons are a must this season.

Those two factors alter the fit of the jacket, so find your fit and what works best with your sense of style.

Ideally, most men’s coats and jackets will either hit you around the rear or below. So pick it right, fellas. Remember this is an investment piece that should last you years.

Understanding that not everyone has the money to drop on this trend, going to a thrift store and buying a previously loved coat can also go a long way. If the buttons don’t follow the brass feel you can always buy similar ones at a craft store and sew them on the jacket or coat yourself.

The Watch
You probably rely on your phone to tell you the time, but this fall the watch speaks volumes on the kind of guy you are.

Not relying on your phone to tell you the time like you did in high school, screams responsible adult. Plus, what if your phone battery dies? The best advice is to rock the watch.

A watch is like a piece of iconography. The kind of watch you wear tells people the kind of person you are, believe it or not.

Guys, put away the bling. You don’t need a diamond-encrusted face that you can see from space weighing down your wrist. This fall it is all about classic simplicity. Look for a simple, yet large face. It can be round or square, and analog or digital, but for the great 1930’s look that goes with whatever look you rock, analogue remains to be king and ironically, timeless.

The Cardigan
The grandpa cardigan is still around, but fall has updated its look and its value. It is all about the details, like what kind of buttons it features, the spacing between, the neckline and where it hits you on your body among other things.

These details are where you can make it your own. It can feature elbow patches, a different colored trim, a hood, a zipper or the growing trend of a mock neck collar. Anything works here, so make it your own and fit it to your liking.

The Henley
It isn’t a new trend, but the Henley is the fall version of a plain tee. Guys, please give your V-necks a vacation. You can still wear them, but they are not the staple for this season.

The Henley is the ultimate layering piece for guys because this classic item can carry you into the winter by simply wearing it with a v-neck sweater or a great coat and jeans. Simple, yet put together without really trying is what the Henley is all about.

The Plaid Shirt
This also isn’t a new trend at all, but all that really needs to be noted is the color you pick and the form of plaid that you sport. Checkered plaid out, classic plaid in. This means throw out the bright colored versions of lumberjack (the red version is still acceptable to wear in moderation, but other than that the yellow and neon greens need to go).

They can be seen everywhere in stores. The trend comes reasonably priced, but the choosing of which to wear is the tricky part.

Thick or thin, either line works. Just like the ladies, be wary because stripes do have the tendency to make you appear wider or heavier than you really are. The key will lay in the colors, cut and fit of the item.

The Scarf
This isn’t something new, nor is it rocket science. When it gets cold everyone should wear one, but the trick for this fall is how you wear it and the one’s that you choose to wear.

Once again, neutral military hues are best. Grandma knitted ones are acceptable, but the woven ones with details work best.

The one thing you should change is the way you tie or knot your scarf, because it can alter your entire look. You’d be surprised at how many knots can be tied to wear a scarf and how much they can change to look of the outfit. Google it or YouTube it. They can not only change your look, but also your life.

* * *
There you have it, gentlemen. These were only a few ways to, ironically, update your closet to the 1930s inspired fall style of 2010, in the simplest ways possible without doing too much damage to your wallet.

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