Good Charlotte plays on new stage at Universal City Walk

Reanna Delgadillo

Pop- punk band Good Charlotte played to an energetic crowd Thursday night at the unveiling of the new City Walk stage. Fans started lining up well before 6 p.m. for the 8 p.m. concert.

The concert was free to the public as part of the new “Plugged In” concert series put on by Universal. This concert series will be year-round with performances by the hottest bands. The new stage that was unveiled was large with intricate lights system and with a new custom made giant outdoor “CityVision” screen. The stage is located between the movie theater and Hard Rock Café in the City Food area of Universal City Walk.

Pop punk band Good Charlotte played live to a excited crowed Thursday Nov. 4. Photo credit Reanna Delgadillo / staff reporter

In addition to the free concert; the public was able to bid on a guitar signed by all the members of Good Charlotte from which the proceeds will go to help prevent world hunger.

The moment the new stage was shown Good Charlotte was already in place and kicked off the amazing concert with their hit song “The Anthem” from 2002 with fireworks and confetti sprinkling the crowd. While the band has not been heard from for a couple years after taking a short break, the boys were back at it like they never left.

Their new album “Cardiology” dropped November 2. It is the band’s fifth studio album. The band played many songs from their career. Old songs that were hits on MTV along with new songs from “Cardiology” were welcomed by the crowd.

There were a good number of people welcoming the band back with over a thousand people in attendance. The lead singer, Joel Madden and his twin brother, Benji on guitar, interacted well with the crowd all throughout the concert. The new songs the band premiered sounded closer to rock when compared to the more dance-pop the band is known for.

It was nice to see Good Charlotte perform these songs and still be able to connect with their fans after all this time with a career that spans over ten years. It is clear that when the band headlines the 2011 Kerrang! Restless Tour that it is a show  that is not to be missed.