Fall hair trends for men

Aimee Lastrella

Courtesy of MCT

There are about 100,000 to 200,000 hairs on your head. Like the season, you want to change the style of the hundreds of thousands of hairs, not the follicle count.
So, do you get a haircut or just get a new hairstyle for the fall and winter?
Being a guy, there aren’t many options in clothing or in hairstyle. But no matter what you choose, here are a few trends and styles that are sure to command attention to those hundreds of thousands of strands – in a good way.
There are numerous hair trends that scream cold season hair that make any male ensemble look stylish, up-to-date and fresh.
Most guys get their haircut on the regular, depending on how short or long they may want their hair. On average it would be about every two to three weeks. Well, congratulations men; this season you won’t have to because it’s all about growing it out and doing more with your hair.

The Fringe
If you haven’t noticed, men’s fashion typically mimics the trends of women’s fashion from the previous season. So it is no surprise that the growing popularity of a shorter hairdo on women- is making men think of growing out their hair just a little bit longer.
Don’t get it twisted, the world of fashion is not trying to make everyone androgynous, but it does take cues from each of the sexes over time. This cut is nothing like the women’s cut, but then again, it’ s not the medieval bowl cut your mother gave you when you were six.
The fringe is shorter on the sides and longer on the top. It is the male-take on bangs. It’s great for those guys that just want to roll out of bed and get dressed because hardly any maintenance is necessary. It’s just a tiny dollop of hair product in the hand, run through your hair evenly and done.
This cut works with all kinds of individual style. You can be the rocker, the surfer, the guy that dresses-up to go to school or even the guy that wears jeans and a free T-shirt. The haircut is universal and gives a more mature yet effortless look to any wardrobe.

The Slick Back
If the bed-head, side-swept look is simply not for you, no problem. There is always the ultra sleek slick back hairstyle, that tips its hat to the 1930s and 40s era.
With men’s fashion taking a complete trip down trends past, no wonder this hairstyle has made its second debut on the top.
But when having this hairstyle there is one thing to keep in mind, the kind of hair texture you have. Is your hair wavy or straight? This question may sound silly, but the slick back only really works on these two kinds of hair and the way you cut it is very different.
Gentlemen, if you have straight hair the best way to get it cut is for slightly longer on the top. And if you have wavy hair, depending on your wave, you should typically go shorter on the top.
But there is more to this hairstyle than you think. You could just push all your hair back and call it a day, but depending on your face shape, you really can’t. Pay attention to your bone structure because a strong jaw line, prominent cheekbones or even a dominant nose could throw off this haircut in an instant.
The best answer to this dilemma for any guy would be to look in the mirror and pick out your best side or a feature you want to highlight.  Then play with your hair and the direction of the part, until you find one you’re really happy with.

Facial Hair
Yes, there are trends that follow the follicles that grow out of your face. If you don’t have facial hair, can’t grow it or don’t want it you can totally forget about this part; if you’re even contemplating growing some out, here are a few things to know about grooming.
If you didn’t know, it is “Movember.” “Movember” is a play on the word November-but it’ s a month to grow out facial hair for men’s cancer awareness. More specifically, it encourages males to grow out a moustache. So do some good and grow it out.
It’s a month long challenge for men to change their appearance and the face of men’s health by growing a moustache. The movement was started in Australia in 2003. Men are encouraged to start “Movember” 1st completely clean-shaven. The next part is to grow a moustache for the entire month.
The “ mo,” slang for mustache, becomes the image for men’ s health, like the many colors of ribbon done for any month throughout the year.
The moustache creates conversation to start awareness and hopefully raise funds for cancers that affect men.
It is like any of the runs or walks for charity or fundraising, except these men in November commit to their facial hair growth for the entire 30 days of “Movember,” instead of a 3 to 5K run.
If you don’t want the moustache and want a beard or some other form of facial hair please keep in mind that keeping it clean and neat is important. This trend is not about letting your facial hair go, it’s about adding more to your look and a different feel to that young naked face.
Comb it, brush it, trim it and take care of it. Keeping it neat and clean says a lot about the person that grows it out. Trimming it daily helps along with getting rid of any stray or out-of-place hairs and if you really wish to grow it out, pay attention to under your chin and the neck area because if left unchecked, it can get very unruly.
With these hair trends and tips, your wardrobe won’t be the only thing ready for the season. Get your follicles ready for the fall and winter with a simple trim, a new hairdo and regular grooming.