Town hall meeting to address students’ concerns

Adria Brodie

CSUN students will receive another opportunity to ask questions and address concerns about issues impacting their student life during a second Presidents’ Town Hall Meeting today.

A.S. President Conor Lansdale said he is not sure what topics will be addressed during the meeting, but thinks students may ask questions about the recent hike in tuition and the write-ins for A.S. student elections.

Senior Shannon Colavito, 22, said she was not aware of the town hall meeting, but thinks students should participate.

“I will be graduating next month, so I am not attending, but I think students should go,” the communications major said. “I just read that tuition increased $444 and a lot of people complain and they do nothing about it.”

Faculty President Steven Stepaneck said he was not able to say what students would address, but the recent tuition increase, students graduating on time and the uncertainty of the state’s budget and how it impacts the CSU could be some of their concerns.

Lansdale said the second meeting was scheduled for those students who could not attend the first Presidents’ Town Hall Meeting held last month.

He said theoretically, the way the calendar was laid out, students who had a schedule conflict for the first meeting may not have a schedule conflict to attend the second meeting and would be able to ask questions then.

Senior Michael Gwyn, 22, said he would not attend the meeting because he felt like his voice would not be heard.

“If the university put forth a noticeable effort to get students involved on campus, more people would attend,” the business management major said.