Dos Arbolitos review

Christiaan Patterson

Photo credit Christiaan Patterson / staff reporter

In Southern California, Mexican food is a favorite among residents and outsiders. Restaurants pop up in all sorts of places, which make it difficult to decide where to go. Dos Arbolitos, in Northridge, provides tasty food in a relaxing environment.

For a reasonable price, this restaurant provides delicious food sure to satisfy a growling stomach. Their most popular dish is tacos. The shells are made fresh to avoid becoming stale, and are stuffed with either shredded chicken or beef. Lettuce, tomato, onion and mozzarella cheese decorate the top and spill onto the plate.

If tacos are not what is desired to fulfill those hunger needs, then a burrito should be the pick of the menu. A carne asada burrito is crammed with rice, beans, cilantro and sour cream upon request. Be careful, these monstrous meals are not for those with a small appetite. If that’s an issue, a to-go box is provided to enjoy at a later meal.

Outside of the food, the restaurant is clean, neat and spacious. Colorful ceiling lamps hang and provide soft lighting, as well as bright yellow and red walls . Several paintings of salsa dancing and bull fighting line the walls next to a flat screen, displaying the current sports game. However, the seating arrangement needs improvement from the mixture of booths and tables without a distinct division between them.

Service is excellent and accommodating. The waitresses are quick to take an order and polite when they return to make sure everything is correct. They allow patrons to eat rather than interrupting a meal with questions regarding what is being eaten.

Dress wear is very casual and all types of people dine at the restaurant. Overall, Dos Arbolitos is a food establishment that caters to all walks of life and provides customers with delicious Mexican cooking. Aside from poorly planned seating arrangements, Dos Arbolitos is an excellent choice for outstanding customer service and flavorful cooking.

9034 Woodley Ave

North Hills, CA 91343

Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday: 7am-9pm Sunday: 7am-4pm

3.5 stars