Join the rough and tough at the Copper Bucket

Christiaan Patterson

Photo Credit: Christiaan Patterson/Staff reporter

Rough bikers park their Harley-Davidsons along the banged-up wall. Skid marks paint the asphalt with crisscrosses along the walkway. A faded American flag flies above the weathered sign that greets you. Welcome to Copper Bucket, a dive bar that has been serving the locals and outside visitors of the area for the past fifty years.

Rock ‘n’ roll music can be heard spilling out the door and loud clanging of beer mugs echo through the parking area. A smell of cigarettes, booze and faint musk hit your nose once you walk inside. Worn down wooden walls with plenty of stains from drunken parties run all around the bar.

The bar extends almost the entire length of the wall. Surprisingly, there are no ring stains but a glossy top so clear you might be able to see your face. Black, cushy bar stools line the counter. Some have a few tears patched up with small strips of duck tape and the floor beneath has plenty of dust, crumbs and spills. In the middle of the room is a huge, circular fireplace that extends into the ceiling.

Directly to the left of the door is a shuffleboard occupied by locals, winding down from a long workday as they drink pitchers of beer. Across from the bar stands a single pool table, three dart boards and numerous trophies arranged on the shelves behind it. Copper Bucket is home to a pool league, dart league and their softball league named “One Can O Whoop Ass.”

Most of the people playing pool, shuffleboard and just drinking at the bar were males between the ages of 21 and 35. However, there were a handful of females including the bartender, who were relaxing. The crowd was very animated and even sang along with some of the rock music that played overhead.

Ordering drinks is not difficult since the bartender paid close attention to her clientele. Most drinks were extremely cheap, ranging between $2 to $6 for specialty drinks and beers. A pitcher of beer cost $4, which persuaded the group of men to order six. Be careful though, simple drinks such as a Cape Cod, a mixture of  vodka and cranberry, were watered down.

One negative aspect was the lack of carding to those ordering alcohol. In addition, prepare to have cash because no credit cards are accepted. If you forget, there is an ATM at the end of the bar counter. If hunger strikes, they offer small bags of chips and peanuts.

Copper Bucket is a desirable place to unwind from a long day or party with a group of friends when the weekend rolls around. This bar is not designed for the high-class or those who cringe over curse words. Yet if you want to get your drink on and shoot some pool, this place is for you.

Location: 17715 Vanowen Street, Reseda, CA