Best of: specialty food trucks

Natalie Estrada

Grill 'Em All Burger Truck combines heavy metal music with gourmet burgers. Their unique style and mouthwatering burgers helped them win the Food Network's The Great Food Truck Race. Natalie Estrada / Staff Reporter
Grill ‘Em All Burger Truck

Two words. The Behemoth.
Grill ‘Em All Burger Truck’s monstrous burger, the Behemoth ($12), is a fan favorite which offers loads of flavor for those who dare to eat it.

The Behemoth burger consists of a juicy 7-ounce piece of meat topped with bacon, beer-soaked grilled onions, pickles and barbeque sauce. Two grilled cheese sandwiches serve as the top and bottom buns for this towering burger.

Biting into this burger is an adventure in itself, which culminates in an explosion of flavor.  The combination of ingredients may seem intimidating, but they all complement each other for a gluttonous experience.

Grill ‘Em All Burger Truck is known for its heavy metal style and mouthwatering gourmet burgers.  Its unique style and delicious burgers helped the Grill ‘Em All Burger Truck win the Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race. The employees are helpful and friendly to their hungry patrons and add to the overall experience at the Grill ‘Em Burger Truck.

With a range of gravity-defying burgers ($6 -$12), tasty fries ($3) and special dipping sauces to chose from, Grill ‘Em All is sure to satisfy.  So loosen your belt buckle and head on over to Grill ‘Em All Burger Truck for a little heavy metal and a whole lot of burger.

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Phydough Dog Treats Truck

Man’s best friend deserves a special treat every once in while. So what better way to show those exceptional dogs some love, than with an organic, healthy treat from the Phydough Dog Treats Truck.

The Phydough Truck offers a wide assortment of preservative-free gourmet treats that any canine companion will enjoy, from dog cookies to frozen dough to make the cookies at home to ice cream especially created for those four-legged friends.

The dog cookies and dough come in a variety of hearty flavors ranging from red velvet to duckfat.  All cookies and dough are made in small batches with organic, human-grade ingredients.  The dog ice cream is soy- or yogurt-based and created for the Phydough Truck by famed ice cream truck, Coolhaus.

Dogs of all sizes and breeds devour these specialty treats.

Cookies will cost you $5 for 3, $8 for 6 or $15 for a dozen; take-home doughs are $10; ice cream is $2 a scoop, or a sandwich for $4.

So grab that dog leash and make sure to stop by the Phydough Truck to reward you beloved dog with a special treat created with him in mind.

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Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck
On a hot spring day, what could be better than enjoying a sky-high handmade ice cream sandwich ($5).

Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck offers customers the opportunity to create their own ice cream sandwich by selecting their choice of locally baked cookies and gourmet ice cream.
The selection of cookies range from the standard chocolate chip to the delectable double chocolate cookie with sea salt sprinkled on top.  As for the ice cream flavors, you can choose from Tahitian vanilla bean to Nutella toasted almond ice cream.

The combinations are limitless and customers can be as daring as they please.

One combination that packs a mouthful of flavor is a large scoop of brown butter and candied bacon ice cream layered between two maple waffle and white chocolate cookies.  The brown butter and candied bacon ice cream perfectly blends the sweetness of the brown butter with salty crispy bacon.

Visiting the Coolhaus Ice Cream Truck is a perfect way to cool down and enjoy an ice cream sandwich, sure to make your taste buds dance with joy.
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