Associated Students may increase funding for California State Student Association

Ivette Lopez

Correction: A.S. did not propose increased fees to support CSSA, but proposed an increase in the amount A.S. gives CSSA per student at CSUN.

If passed, the AS would increase funding from 48 cents to $2 per student. The choice to donate to the organization is made independently by each A.S. government, but CSSA is trying to implement more permanent, secure means of funding.

CSSA may request the California legislature to make the fee mandatory, despite the organization’s lobbying efforts against fee increases made by the legislature in recent months.

“The legislature is a part of the reason why our fees have been raised,” said William Ryder, A.S. external affairs representative. “It’s a complete 180 because this time it benefits us.”

Due to the optional funds and budget fluctuations due to cuts, CSSA is lacking the stability they require to properly serve students, said A.S. President Amanda Flavin.

The organization is looking at three possible solutions for their financial struggles, one of which asks for mandatory fees, according to CSSA’s proposal, “Stabilization 2015.”

Another option would call for a referendum in which students would vote whether they want to pay the fee.

The last option would give the power to A.S. presidents, who would vote in the CSSA whether to pass the fee increase.

“At this point it’s still unsure,” Flavin said. “CSSA is a very rocky organization and we’re still asking ourselves if it’s really worth funding.”

CSSA is an advocacy group and used as a means of keeping the Cal State campuses together, to write resolutions and form committees.

The plan will be discussed at the next meeting on Oct. 14 -16 at CSU Fresno.