Winter fashion trends 2011

Sarah Lorsch

Fashion makes the world go round, and with winter around the corner, it’s time to revamp the wardrobe. If you’re lucky enough to not have spent all of your funds on tuition, perhaps you can even purchase a new piece or two to add to the fashion collection that is your wardrobe.
With that, let the winter fashion trends begin.

Androgynous style has been seeping it’s way into the forefront of fashion for some time now, but has found itself splashed on the pages of every tabloid and on the catwalk of every runway show this winter.
I’m not saying you should chop all of your hair off and lower your voice a few octaves, but a pair of trousers, some dark colors and a pair of oxfords never killed anybody. The look is easy to pull off, and if you fear the look is getting a bit too masculine for your taste, a few buttons undone on a tucked-in button-down shirt can always sex up the outfit.
To ease yourself into this style, throw some oxfords in with any outfit. Lu Lu’shas oxfords starting at $25 that range from the plain-Jane type to oxfords-turned-pumps.
Example  Example

Faux or real, fur jackets that are well-fitted or swallow you whole are back from the days of Penny Lane stardom in “Almost Famous.” Although it rarely hits freezing in Northridge, don’t tell me a warm, fuzzy, fur coat wouldn’t make it a little easier to move past the terrifying winds to get to class.
Fur vests, hats, gloves, earmuffs and, of course, coats can be found at retailers from GAP to Urban Outfitters to H&M at prices that may convince you to pick up this winter staple.
For a hint of fur, you can get earmuffs at GAP for around $20. For another few bucks, you can skip on over to Forever 21 and snag a faux fur vest for around $23.

There is nothing more cliché and beautiful in the winter than white with a small pop of color, preferably red lips, to keep the cold from pushing you into over-sized sweatpants.
This clean color may not scream cozy the same way “chestnuts roasting over an open fire,” or hot chocolate and snuggling with a blanket might, but it can pull you out of your 12-hour post finals nap and throw you back into the glamour world for a night out.
A white dress, long sleeve or quarter-sleeve, with some black heels is easy to throw on and will snatch the eyes away from the black and dreary attire of every other girl that didn’t get the memo that white is in. For $35, you can get a white, lace long sleeve dress from H&M, perfect to dress down or up.

When I say sparkle, let the record show that I in no way encourage you to use Ke$ha as your fashion guru, unless that’s what you’re after.
Although sequins can be nice and glitter can be dazzling, what I’m talking about could almost be considered bling.
Jewelry adds sparkle to any outfit and for the past few seasons, piling  it on has been the way to accessorize. Well, don’t stop now. Build on your collection. Wear more than one ring on each finger and pile bracelets on until your elbows have nearly disappeared.
OK, don’t go crazy, but add a little something to jazz up your perfect winter ensemble. For the sake of walking down memory lane, take a trip to your old pal Claire’s where you can find cheap costume jewelry that you’ll have fun mixing and matching with even more inexpensive jewelry.

Since summer, they’ve proven that they’re here to stay, and now as the leaves of fall find themselves on the ground and winter approaches, it’s time to either continue using the platforms you were smart enough to buy earlier this year or go out and get the shoe that will surely be wearable for several more seasons.
Although out of the average college student’s price range ($100+), Jeffery Campbell sets the bar for platforms with their crazy colors, ridiculous fabrics, and unreal creativity. For around $30, Forever 21 has your platform fix covered without breaking the bank.