Tuning into TV apps

Luis Campos

Looking to enhance your TV viewing pleasure? Well, there are apps for CSUN students to view them on a second screen. And, they might even give you free gifts by watching them on a cell phone or tablet.

Viggle by Function(x)Inc.

When watching your favorite TV, you may be earning rewards like Starbucks gift cards to movie tickets and even a Kindle Fire. All you have to do is “check in” while a show is currently on by a simple tap. Click on “What’s On” to see your favorite shows and get detailed information.

The app can currently be viewed on iPhone and Android.

 IntoNow by Yahoo!

The app  is a very impressive free iOS app that listens to the TV shows you’re watching and tells you the exact episode it is by your likes and interests. The free app also works with streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and even rented episodes from  Apple and Amazon.

 Crackle by Sony Pictures Entertainment

This is Sony’s online archive of some of the best 90s TV programs which can be found on here. You can also watch Animax, the world’s largest anime television network via the free iPhone and Android app.

 GetGlue by AdaptiveBlue

You’ll be entertained when you tune in to the free app,  which allows you to be rate your favorite TV, keep in touch with friends, unlock exclusive stickers, which can be mailed to your house at no cost and will suggest new shows upon your preferences.