Walking Dead Recap (10/28) Spoiler Alert

Casey Delich

Last night’s “The Walking Dead” finds Andrea and Michonne stumbling upon a crashed helicopter, and discovering new survivors. We also get the return of Merle, who has somehow found his way to the town of Woodbury.  Character development is the center of this episode, bringing in new faces and remembering old.
The introduction of The Governor and the town of Woodbury expands the world for all of the survivors, but this episode focuses specifically on Andrea and Michonne’s first foray into the Woodbury world.
Andrea and Michonne also find out a vital piece of information they never knew about when they question The Governor’s tactics in the mutilation of dead men, that everyone is infected.
The Governor brings a take no prisoner approach to his dealings, convincing Merle to spy on Andrea to find out as much information as he can.  Milton, The Governor’s scientist, gives us information about how Michonne can control her “pets.”
Finding that the down helicopter is from an army outpost, The Governor sends out a party to rendezvous with the rest of the platoon.  It is no rescue mission as the platoon is ambushed, killed, and supplies stolen.              Creating a sense of purpose and community, with lots of guns and ammunitions and really big walls, is how The Governor protects his people.  A cult like following to his orders, seems to wash over the entire population, with the susceptible Andrea following along and Michonne resisting.
Glimpsing into the mind of The Governor in the final minute of the episode, his collection of severed heads in aquariums is a creepy insight into his mind.