Atlas Genius is the band you should be listening to

Cynthia Gomez

Three brothers, an English friend, a home studio,performances at local bars—within three years the results are stardom. That’s the way to do it in Adelaide, Australia. The band to take that credit is known as Atlas Genius and they are simply the growing heartthrobs of the pop-indie alternative scene.

They are MTV’s artist to watch in 2013 and have been gaining much credit after opening for Imagine Dragons on their last tour. The Aussie lineup consists of vocalist and guitarist Keith Jeffrey and his brothers Michael on drums and Steven on bass, and Darren Sell on keyboards.

Take their hit single “Trojans,” released last year, which has dominated radio waves for months, now reaching the number four spot in the American alternative charts. The song is extremely catchy and not to mention their video that accompanies it deserves an award. But it is more than that. “Trojans” is more than the summer jam or inspirational anthem, it’s a song that has such great meaning that the polished slick sound brings goose bumps at first listen.

 Atlas Genius signed to Warner Bros. Records and released their debut EP, titled “Through the Glass” in the summer of 2012. Their full-length debut, “When it Was Now” was released in February of this year. The album has reached the top ten in the American alternative charts. Almost 98 percent of the album was recorded in their studio back home. They recorded a few things just like most up and coming touring bands do and that’s to record in hotel rooms and other studios as they tour around the world. But, one wouldn’t know if that was the case because the album is so far from being a synthetically indie-pop effort—it just floats on a very promising pedestal. It is a rhythmic shimmer of today’s new wave ever-intriguing indie-pop, complimented with stadium rock lyrics. Critics might call it forgettable but when Atlas Genius bring those songs on a stage they become every ounce of danceable groovy riffs blended in a lyrical melodic enthusiasm. Every hipster at the Silverlake Lounge will approve.

Forget Phoenix’s new album, everyone should have Atlas Genius on his or her playlist—on repeat. Tell all your friends about it too. And don’t miss them next time they roll around to a city near you. It is indie-pop that no one should miss. And it’s indie-pop the way it should be done.