Sleeping Beauty’s addiction nightmare

Brigitte Najarian

When Princess Aurora woke she was covered in glitter and confetti. She had just attended one of the many ragers that she convinced her husband was a good idea for the kingdom to have every three weeks. She decided that she had slept long enough and wanted to spend the rest of her days celebrating.

She greeted her children as she walked up the staircase. Margaret, Jane, and Gerald nodded passively as their inebriated mother slurred a “Good Morning.” They’ve accepted the fact that she was a conceited drunk who married a man she didn’t know.

Aurora entered her bedroom and started to peel away clothing she didn’t remember putting on. A bath was already drawn when she realized Philip was nowhere to be found. It was a common occurrence in their marriage as he would disappear quite often to spend his nights in the bed of yet another villager.

She could never understand his sexual appetite that was so often random and unprejudiced to his own sex and women that his reputation had preceded him to neighboring kingdoms. After his suggestions to include other people in their lovemaking, she drew the line and let him have his affairs.

She had already given birth to their second child when Aurora began compensating her unhappiness with plastic surgery for her lack of self identity.

The girls would be over next weekend though and that would prove for some excitement. Ariel’s intervention for hoarding was scheduled and ready to be catered. After that, Cinderella was going to take them on a road trip to show off her new castle in the Hamptons. Wine would definitely be served but Aurora would pack a flask just in case.

As she entered the bath her long blonde hair toppled over the rim and lay lifeless after the years of partying and chemical treatments. She took a mirror and looked at her recent lip enhancement. The swelling was starting to go down so she made another appointment for a larger dose. Her husband came in and awkwardly took out a robe to take his bath in the opposite side of the castle.

Aurora, “Hey”

Prince Phillip, “Hi”

And with that he swiftly exited the room without saying another word. However, Aurora thought it was progress considering they haven’t spoken to each other in six months.

After her bath, she returned downstairs to find the dogs eating the furniture and the servants still dressed in their underwater themed costumes from the party before. The butler was cleaning confetti dressed as Poseidon and a group of maids were mopping the floor all dressed as seaweed. Aurora smiled to herself and realized the week had just begun. It was only Monday so Booze Day Tuesday was just around the corner.