Makeup that compliments your cap and gown

Makeup that compliments your cap and gown

Miranda Mendoza

Graduation is just around the corner for many CSUN students. Time to start worrying about real world responsibilities… but one thing you shouldn’t worry about is your makeup for the big day! I’ve got you covered with a simple and elegant look perfect for graduation day. Contrasting the black caps and gowns, this look will make your face shine through with neutral and light colors.


1. Make sure you start with a clean face and apply a long-lasting foundation. My favorite is Neutrogena Healthy Skin. It lasts all day and clears up breakouts while covering them flawlessly! Use a stipple brush to get even coverage.


2. Prime your eyelids to make sure that your eyeshadow will last the entire day. I recommend e.l.f.’s primer, which is only $1!


3. Taking e.l.f.’s jumbo eyeshadow stick in the champagne color, Little Miss Thing, I brightened my inner corners (near the tear ducts) for stand-out eyes. Continue to apply the shadow stick to lightly cover your eyelid.

makeup 1

4. For the eyeshadow in this look, we will use the Comfort Zone palette from wet n wild- it contains 6 beautiful neutral colors for only $5. I love wet n wild shadows because they are a very similar texture to MAC for a twelfth of the price. For this look we’ll be using the left side of the palette, first applying the coppery color labelled “Eyelid” to our lids.


5. Next, take the light beige “Browbone” color and apply under your eyebrows.


6. Using a crease brush, take the medium brown “Crease” color and sweep into your crease and outer corners. Blend up and out with a fluffy blending brush.


7. Finally, using the same blending brush, dust a small amount of the dark brown “Definer” color into your outer corners and blend in a circular motion, bringing the color slightly into your crease.

8. Take some liquid eyeliner and tight-line your upper lash line. I like winged eyeliner, so I’ll add a little wing at the outer corner.


9. Use a waterproof mascara for the big day. You never know when some unexpected tears will creep up on you! I’m using The Falsies by Maybelline because I love dramatic lashes!


10. Dust bronzer into the hollows of your cheeks to create depth to your face and apply a light pink blush to your cheeks.


11. Apply translucent powder to set your makeup and avoid oil from causing it to slip and slide around your face.


12. Using a lip stain will take the stress out of adding color to your lips. It will last longer and you won’t have to worry about re-applying or smudging as much as a lipstick. I’m using Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in the color Cherish. You can apply lightly for a subtle look or multiple layers for a bolder pop of color.


13. Bring oil-blotting sheets with you to graduation to help absorb any excess oil and sweat that shows up on your face during the ceremony. They’re makeup lifesavers!


For a video tutorial on this look, and other money-saving beauty tips, visit my blog at Congratulations to everyone graduating this spring!