Students and faculty reflect on potential construction concerns for Bamboo Terrace restaurant

James Canares

Construction to expand Geronimo’s dining hall started earlier this month, but residents and faculty are in talks of whether or not it will cause problems.

The expansion, called the Bamboo Terrace restaurant, began earlier this month and is set to open for the new residents this coming August. The new area will carry on a pan-Asian menu, with food from various regions of China, and other parts of Asia. The renovation will take place in an area approximately 6,900 square feet.

So with such a huge addition, dorm residents wonder if it will cause problems or commotion.

“I don’t think it would cause commotion for the residents because Geronimo’s is pretty isolated from the dorms,” said junior, marine biology major and housing resident Richard Yan. “Most of the people eat at night when there is no construction.”

Other housing residents, like sophomore CTVA major Robin Royal, expresses an concern the construction will indeed cause commotion, depending on how much space is used up versus how much space the expansion really is.

This also brings into question whether or not the expansion will cause problems for nearby traffic. Seeing as how the Satellite Student Union building is located at the northeastern-most point of campus, residents and daily commuters wonder whether construction will cause problems for traffic on the corner of Lassen Street and Zelzah Avenue.

John Johnson, assistant manager of Geronimo’s, disagrees with that notion, and suspects the construction will not pour out into the street corner, so commuters have nothing to fear.

Tim Killops, the associate director of Facilities and Projects, assures the project will not extend beyond the walls of the Satellite Student Union.

“It definitely won’t affect the dorm community,” Killops said. “Our project takes place entirely inside the Satellite Student Union. Any deliveries of building supplies will take place behind the parking lot of the SSU. Trucks would come in, make their deliveries and head back out, so there won’t be any problem with traffic.”

Housing residents should have nothing to worry about from the outside of the building. It may or may not be so for those eating inside. The construction is set to continue until the end of the summer.