Spring Broken: remedies for Spring Break-like behavior


If your Spring Break behavior proved hard on your body, there are many easy hangover cures to keep you refreshed when you come back to school. (Hector Casanova/The Kansas City Star 2012)

James Fike

Drinking and Spring Break go together like Jack and Coke. They seem to work in perfect harmony. What isn’t harmonious is your body’s response to excess alcohol consumption. It’s the dreaded hangover.

Everyone seems to have their perfect hangover cure, whether it be more of the vile substance or just some good ol’ fashioned rest. Some of these rituals, like drinking more, can actually worsen and prolong your hangover.

According to Men’s Health, Dr. Hall-Flavin says consuming more alcohol, “will provide a numbing effect, but all you’re doing is prolonging the inevitable, and it will likely make your headache worse.”

When you wake up from a night, or week, of drinking, you’re likely to be dehydrated and have a pounding headache. A good and easy cure for a hangover would be pretzels and bananas, according to Medical Daily. The pretzels aren’t the cure, the salt and potassium are. Salt and potassium hold onto water, aiding you in conquering that hangover.

Potassium will also help alleviate muscle cramps and muscle discomfort, according to Men’s XP.

Water is one of our best friends in a bout with booze. For best results, water should be consumed before and after a night of drinking. This will prepare your body to better deal with the symptoms of a hangover, according to Medical Daily.

In terms of other liquids, most are okay as long as they won’t dehydrate you. Juice, as well as sports drinks are viable options, but nothing is wrong with H20. Carbonated sodas should be avoided, except for Sprite, according to Men’s Health.

While Sprite won’t hydrate you, it is believed to speed up the recovery process. Sprite combats the culprit of hangovers, which is Aldehyde Dehydrogenase (ALDH), according to Medical Daily.

When talking about what to eat when you drink, greasy foods always comes up. Carbohydrates are always a safe bet, because it will soak up the alcohol in your system. A less appealing, but more effective tactic in fighting a hangover is eating burnt toast, according to Men’s XP. The carbon in the burnt toast will work as a type of filtration system in your body for alcohol.

Getting the alcohol out of your system seems to be the main objective during the morning after. One tip from Men’s XP is to engage in some mild exercise, because alcohol will your leave your system through your sweat glands. Your body might not be ready for that 5K, but a light jog, calisthenics and stretching will be sure to break a sweat.

One of the best cures for a rough night out is by not getting out of bed. Sleep gives your body a chance to rest while it repairs itself. Your system is trying to get your body back to 100%, leaving you feeling drowsy, according to Men’s XP.

So take good care of your mind, and body. Let’s get back to school.