Bed bug found at the Pride Center


Courtesy of the Pride Center Facebook

Joanna Bautista

A bed bug found last week at the Pride Center caused the location to close for three days.

On Thursday, September 8, a student at the Pride Center saw a bed bug, became itchy, and reported it to an employee working there, said Shannon Krajewski, the Associate Director of Marketing and Programs.

“On Friday an inspector came in and saw no evidence of any bed bug infestation,” said Shannon. “But they eventually saw one dead bed bug.”

The inspector said that it was not an infestation of bed bugs and the dead bed bug that was found probably traveled with someone to the Pride Center, according to Krajewski.

Krajewski added that the Pride Center contacted its colleagues to see what steps they should take and called the company that the housing center uses for pest control and infestations.

The Pride Center contacted two extermination companies to disinfect the center but only went through with one treatment, which led to the three-day closing.

According to Krajewski, bed bugs are not likely to spread to the rest of campus because of the one dead bed bug found at the Pride Center.

The Pride Center offered pamphlets outside of their office for students wondering about bed bug prevention, detection, and control.

No more bed bugs have been found after the Pride Center took precautions. The Pride Center is now open again for students to visit.