Crime Blotter for September 19-September 25

Art piece shows the words Crime Blotter above a pair of open handcuffs and a crushed beer can

Samantha Gullikson

Sept. 19

· A vehicle was broken into and had a solar charging panel stolen from it in the G3 parking structure.

Sept. 20

· A laptop was stolen from an unattended classroom in Jacaranda Hall.

· A suspect collided with a vehicle in the G9 parking structure and failed to report the incident.

· A victim reported being groped by an acquaintance during an overnight visit in the University Park Apartments.

· An unattended cellphone was stolen from a woman’s restroom in Sierra Hall.

Sept. 21

· A resident was referred for an alcohol-law violation that occurred on Sept. 10.

· An unknown suspect ran without paying their taxi fare after being dropped off at the G9 parking structure.

· A UPA 10 apartment was burglarized and had a laptop, three gaming consoles, and school supplies stolen from inside.

· A skateboard was stolen from Jacaranda Hall by an unknown suspect.

· An unknown suspect stole a victim’s secured bike from a bike rack outside Sierra Tower.

Sept. 22

· An unknown suspect stole a secured bike from a bicycle rack outside Sierra Hall.

· Four suspects were arrested by CSUN police in separate incidents for displaying an unauthorized disabled placard in their cars, one in the B2 structure and the remaining in B1. All suspects were cited and released.

· An alleged suspect was arrested near Oviatt Library by CSUN police for an outstanding bench warrant. The suspect was transported to Van Nuys jail for booking.

· An unknown suspect stole an unattended generator from the F5 parking lot.

· A suspect stole unattended headphones from an unsecured locker at the Student Recreation Center.

Sept. 23

· A suspect was arrested by a CSUN officer for a cellphone violation and driving with a suspended license. They were released with a notice to appear.

· An unattended backpack was stolen from a classroom in Magnolia Hall.

· A suspect was arrested for chasing people on campus with a sledgehammer and using it to deface state property. No one was injured and the suspect remains incarcerated in the LASO Inmate Reception Center.

· An unknown suspect stole property from an unsecured locker in the Student Recreation Center.

· Two necklaces and a shirt were stolen from a UPA 3 apartment by an unknown suspect.

· A suspect was arrested near Matador Road for driving with a suspended license, failing to stop at a stop sign, and no proof of insurance. The suspect was released with a notice to appear.

Sept. 24

· A fire alarm was triggered in UPA 18 by an unknown suspect.

· A bicycle was stolen from a secured rack outside Nordhoff Hall by an unknown suspect.

Sept. 25

· Three students and one resident were referred for a drug-law violation in UPA 5.

· Five ceiling tiles were damaged by an unknown suspect in the second floor hallway of UPA 1.

· Tile floors on the second floor of Jerome Richfield were damaged by four unknown males riding their skateboards.

· Two residents were referred for a drug-law violation.