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These five apps will help you manage your student life

Photo illustration by The Sundial

College can be stressful. You might be lost in some of your classes, having no idea what the professor is even saying at times. You might be trying to figure out how to manage work, school, fitness and your social life. Here are five apps that will help you manage your student life.


It comes as no surprise that college can be draining, especially while working and making time for a social life, so to help manage stress and anxiety, Fitness Coordinator Amanda Frick recommends Pacifica for Stress & Anxiety.

“[This app] gives [the] tools you need to break the cycle that is causing you stress through deep breathing exercises, positive visualizations and meditations that are set [to] relaxing sounds.”


It’s also super important to take care of your physical health, especially in college since you are more than likely to forget or not have the time for it. For health apps that will help you stay on track of the foods you eat and your workout regime, Assistant Director of Fitness and Wellness Sandra Salute recommends using My Fitness Pal. In this app, you can log in the foods you ate for breakfast, lunch and dinner while it counts up the calories and other nutritional information that will help you reach your goal.

Headspace: Meditation

Headspace: Meditation is an editor’s choice mindfulness app, recommended by Wellness Center Manager Angela Faissal. It provides guided meditations and mindfulness techniques that bring calm, wellness and balance to your life. We know you all can use some of that.


And what would college be without studies? Mathways is an incredibly helpful app that allows you to choose the level of math you are taking such as algebra, geometry, calculus, etc., and upload a picture or type the math problem you are having trouble with. Not only will it give you the answers, it shows you how to solve it too!


And if you’re looking for a fun app that also stimulates the brain, Dquan Bates, a junior majoring in Business, uses Peak, a brain-training app developed by neuroscientists and game experts to challenge your cognitive skills. The app features free games that challenge your memory, attention, problem solving and so much more!

Yes, college is tough, but with the use of these free apps, it can be a much more enjoyable and well-managed experience.

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