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The latest fun Halloween costume ideas

Courtesy of MCT

With the hastily resurrected costume stores and temporary Halloween shops around the area, we know October has officially arrived.  The weather may not show any signs of changing, but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on the hunt for the perfect Halloween costume. While there are plenty of tried and true costumes you can turn to, there are others that will sure to get a lot of laughs, as well as the attention from the cute guy or girl in the robot or fairy costume. Whatever your Halloween costume ends up being, don’t be scared to go all out.  This is the one time during the year it’s acceptable for full-grown, tax-paying adults to dress up as fools.  Take advantage of it. Here are some ideas for timely costumes that will best suit the look you are going for.

Youtube Sensations

If cuteness is your goal, then look no further than viral videos of kids and animals.  Dress up as a sleepy kitten or a laughing baby and you’ve got yourself a real crowd-pleaser.  Kids love them, adults waste time at work by watching them and everybody wins.

Simplicity is key when dressing up like Antoine Dodson.  If this name sounds vaguely familiar, here’s a hint: “He’s climbing in your windows, he’s snatching your people up.”  A chic red handkerchief around your head, a black tank top, and a penchant for looking directly at news camera lenses will make this look complete.

And of course, no Halloween party would be complete without a glimpse of a double rainbow.  Made famous by YouTube user Hungrybear9562 and Mother Nature, this natural phenomenon is easy to recreate: all you need is a white shirt with two rainbows painted across it.  Make sure it goes “all the way across the sky,” though.

Group Costumes

It’s hard to miss with Jersey Shore group costumes, and due to the show’s recent popularity, orange make-up is sure to abound.  Make sure someone dresses as The Situation (painted-on abs), Snooki (giant poof of black hair), and Vinnie (disturbingly perfect eyebrows).

Men who show up with multiple women at parties may be thought of as players, but thanks to this year’s celebrity sex scandals, there’s now a specific group costume idea for you, too.  You can choose to be Tiger Woods, with his red polo shirt and a gaggle of lovers (a blonde golf club-wielding wife is a bonus), or Jesse James and his tattooed mistress.  Word of warning: if you go with this group costume idea, you may lose the respect of every woman on earth.

If you’ve got a group of four female friends, the girls of “Sex and the City” are ideal costume choices.  All that’s needed are couture gowns and puns; puns as far as the eye can see.  If you’ve got camels on hand, bring them along.

Current Events “Concepts”

One of the hottest political topics this year was universal healthcare, so why not dress up as it?  It won’t be an easy costume, but the recognition you’ll get for your clever idea and hard work will be well worth the effort.  Find a way to represent the universe with small planets surrounding your head, and then wear some kind of stethoscope, and you’ve got your universal healthcare.

If you’re feeling particularly creative, you may want to represent the economy with your costume.  Think outside of the box for this one, and be as resourceful as you can.  You can wear a sign that reads foreclosure, or simply a large graph that’s in steep decline.  People may not know what you’re supposed to be right away, but it’s a definite conversation starter (possibly with aforementioned cute guy or girl).

Finally, remind everyone of one of the summer’s biggest events with your World Cup costume.  Find a way to make yourself look like a giant, walking globe (does American Apparel sell earth-print full body leotards?), and carry around a giant goblet.  If you feel that’s not obvious enough, throw in a soccer ball.

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