Iron Matador; cooking competition at CSUN

Natalie Rivera

The Student Dieticic and Food Science Association will be hosting the Iron Matador, a culinary competition Saturday March 23 from 10:30 am to 2:00 p.m. at the Food Science Lab at Sequoia Hall, room 112.

The competition, according to Cassie Berger from the SDFSA, will be similar to the food competition shows you will normally see on the Food Network like Iron Chef. Four teams of CSUN students will be cooking three rounds of food and having to incorporate a secret ingredient. While the contestants are cooking, the audience members will also be competing for prizes through fun trivia games.

“The judges will include faculty members and a few surprise industry guests,” Berger said. The judges that have been named so far are: Dr. Claudia Fajardo-Lira, Ellen Bauersfeld, Asasha Roberts, and Joy Ahems.

This year’s theme is “Disease- Specific Cooking,” the teams will have to cook an appetizer, entree and dessert that would be healthy for anyone has a specific disease. The teams will get to choose their specific disease and colors.  The teams will have only 45 minutes for each round; after they will present the dishes to the judges, explaining what they made and why they chose that specific disease. The team will be reimbursed for their grocerries, the limit however is $40. A dishwasher will be provided to help with the cleaning.

The teams are expected to have their dishes planned out by the competition, but they will still have to incorporate the secret ingredient which they will find out Saturday morning.

Iron Matador – CSUN Cooking Competition

Students compete in culinary competition hosted by The Student Dieticic and Food Science Association.

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Come join us at the 7th annual Iron Matador this Saturday, March 23 from 10:30am-2pm in SQ 112. Watch teams… <a href="" class=""><a href="" class=""></a></a>CSUN SDFSA
CSUN’s 7th Iron Matador competition.Brandi Randolph
Want free food? Come to Iron Matador tomorrow at 10:30! @ CSUN, SQ 112. Joel Paramo, Holly Allene Kerker and I will be making some delish dishes while looking fly ;)Jenna Jackson
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Team awesome! #ironmatador #freshandfaceless #csun @jdjax @joelparamoHolly Kerker
Our vegetarian meal to fight hyper cholesterol! Feta and Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms, Vegan Grilled Tofu and Zucchini No Bake Lasagna, and Vegan Banana Chocolate and Walnut Ice Cream. The secret ingredient of the day was Chocolate! We won second place and I am so proud of my team for entering literally days before the competition, never getting to practice our recipes, and keeping the most positive and friendliest attitudes out of everyone in attendance today! Give it up to Team Awesome!!! #ironmatador #chocolate #vegan #vegetarian #chefs #cooking #csun #teamawesome #yumm #soproud @jdjax @joelparamoHolly Kerker