CSU Board of Trustees ratifies CFA budget contract

Manny D. Araujo

The California State University (CSU) Board of Trustees voted to ratify the budget contract Wednesday afternoon, which was put forward by the California Faculty Association (CFA).

The new contract will go into effect immediately and will increase all faculty salaries by 1.6 percent. As well, the salaries of tenure faculty, coaches with six years of experience and a few other member of faculty will receive a 3 percent increase in salary.

“There is great support for what we’ve accomplished” Andy Marielfield, committee member of the CFA bargain team, said. “But there is at the same time a certain level of caution is still needed. Among the thing beyond the salary which is after all just starting to fix a broken system but there are other accomplishments.”

The motion was adopted without any opposition and are retroactively effective starting July 1.

“I want to thank everyone for their excellent work” Roberta Achtenberg, Chair of the collective bargaining committee said. ”I want to express again my appreciation for the leadership of the bargaining units and for the leadership from the chancellor’s office team.”

The approval comes two years after the last bargaining agreement, which did not end successfully. Faculty nearly went on strike the last time their budget recommendation was not approved.