Sci-fi burlesque seduces Hollywood in their fifth year


Courtney Cruz plays “Sexytrooper” as part of the sci-fi parody burlesque in Hollywood in their fifth year.

Jonathan Diaz

"Dark Maul"
“Dark Maul” also known as Donatella Melies whirls her cape during the sexy sci-fi burlesque show in Hollywood.

When most people think of Star Wars fans, they tend to think of sweaty, overweight nerds with tape on their glasses, but Devil’s Playground Burlesque is out to change that perception with a parody of the classic sci-fi series. Now in its fifth year, Star Girls bills itself as the original burlesque and cosplay cabaret show and takes place throughout the year in Hollywood. Men and women alike filled the Dragonfly bar for their first performance of the year on Friday to get a look at these sexy cosplayers.

Yes, there was a girl who cosplayed as a certain princess in a slave outfit, complete with gold bikini and chains, but there were other creative costumes, some of which weren’t even characters.

Kitty Cadillac took the stage as a “Bi-fighter,” complete with a spaceship she wore that shot a laser beam. After she shed the prop, she was able to do some amazing acrobatic work on a nearby stripper pole.

Other creative performances included Audrey Deluxe as “Lady Fett” who gave a peek-a-boo performance, with the help of a certain hero frozen in carbonite, that made the crowd go wild.

Gizarri Kawaii was dressed as “Omidola” complete with white face paint and a large head piece. Her performance was sensual and at the same time regal. While there was no nudity allowed at the show, many of the performers used pasties to cover their naughty bits, there was one slight wardrobe malfunction.

Mia Vixen as a “Red Guard” performed to French-inspired music and stripped down to red tassels. While she was swinging on the pole she lost one. She quickly covered herself before anyone could see and smiled while imitating the motion of the fallen tassel with her finger. She was definitely a crowd favorite.

Another favorite was Kristina Nekia as the “Dark Lord” who was dressed in a black leather corset, thigh high boots and elbow-length gloves. She performed a sexy punk rock inspired show.

The overall, crowd favorite was Olivia Bellafonatine as Leya who performed with Scarlet O’Gasm as Slobba. Their show had elements of S&M; but was playful and sexy. This performance was every fanboys dream come true. Another performer used burlesque to show off her musical talent.

Diamondback Annie dressed in a tunic and blonde wig, danced around the stage a little. But this was merely to get the crowd amped for her violin performance, in which she covered the iconic theme song from the franchise and Jimi Hendrix’s version of “Star-Spangled Banner.” In true geek fashion her violin was shaped like a landspeeder and her bow lit up like a lightsaber.

Courtney Cruz plays “Sexytrooper” as part of the sci-fi parody burlesque in Hollywood in their fifth year.

Courtney Cruz, gave an amazing performance as a “Sexytrooper” in a white corset. This image of Cruz has become synonymous with Star Girls since she began producing the show five years ago in Little Tokyo.

“How many people were there when we started at a bar called Brodello?” she asked. Many in attendance cheered. Cruz then thanked all for attending.

After the show fans were invited to take pictures with their favorite performers and to check out their vendor village which featured wares from original artists.

A live band opened for the burlesque dancers. The Alien Cantina Band performed experimental music and electronic covers of classic rock songs while wearing Green alien masks. They got the crowd pumped for the dancers.

A portion of the nights proceeds went to the Busted Foundation, a breast cancer charity that helps local women who need financial assistance when they are too sick to work. The next Star Girls performance is March 20 at Dragonfly in Hollywood. For more information check out their website at