SRC introduces activity program for children of faculty & staff

Madeline Sensibile

>CORRECTION: An earlier version of this story incorrectly said the SRC’s Fitness and Wellness Manager’s name was Sarah Salute instead of Sandra Salute.

In order to get children moving today, CSUN’s own Student Recreation Center has introduced the Youth Activity Program running now until April 18.

All children and grandchildren of SRC members are encouraged to participate in this new program to promote health, exercise, and happy living. The Youth Activity Program was piloted during the Fall 2014 semester.

Amanda Christianson, who is the fitness coordinator at the SRC, is running the program, aiming to get children from ages 3-6 exercising. The program will feature “Jr. Dance Mania” this semester, and will be happening Saturdays until April 18. The 45-minute classes will provide children with an extracurricular activity that they may not necessarily get during the school week.

“This spring we put forth more marketing efforts and reached out to the preschools on campus, this first series is completely sold out,” said Sandra Salute, the SRC’s Fitness and Wellness Manager.

While children do have physical education classes at school, this new program promotes more fun and less structured exercise for young students. Usually, physical education classes at school involve running laps, playing games, and more, while the Youth Activity Program is a more creative outlet for the children and grandchildren of all SRC members.

“The reason we’re running it is that we received feedback from members that they were interested in dance classes or activity classes for their children,” Salute said. “We do have quite a bit of faculty, staff, and even students and alumni that use the facility. They do take advantage of our family membership where you can bring in a sponsored child to use the facility.”

While their parents or grandparents workout, the children can get their own workout too in an environment that is tailored to their age group instead of having to go to a daycare center.

“In general, the initiative is to fight obesity, and to keep our children active” Salute added.

Many gyms do have daycare centers, but CSUN offers something different with the Youth Activity Program.

“From what I hear from all the parents I talk to, all their children absolutely love it” said Salute.