Recap: Pax Prime 2015

Recap: Pax Prime 2015

Nicholas Thompson

Pax Prime has come and gone so if you missed any of it in during the 4 day event, this is your main stop to get caught up.

The most surprising announcement of the event came from a relatively old game in Guild Wars 2 .

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet has been promoting their upcoming expansion, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns, since PAX South in January but on Saturday they shocked fans by announcing the game is going free to play.

They did say the expansion, set to launch in late October, would still have to be purchased but effective immediately the base game, and all of its content, would be free on PC.

Fans of Star Wars got some love but maybe not the kind of love they want. Two mobile games under the Star Wars brand were featured at PAX.

Star Wars Uprising had its first gameplay trailer revealed at PAX. Star Wars Uprising is a mobile massively multiplayer online(MMO) game set to fill the gap, story wise, between Return of the Jedi and the upcoming film The Force Awakens.

The release date for both IOS and Android is set for sometime this month.

The other new mobile Star Wars game is Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, which was teased at E3 but released its first official trailer at Pax.

The game is a mix between a collectable card game(CCG) and a turn based strategy/role-playing game.

Release date for Galaxy of Heroes is still to be announced but it has been announced that on release it will be IOS exclusive.

Indie darling The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth showed off the first playable build of their upcoming expansion, The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth.

Afterbirth is a major upgrade to the already beloved game, adding hundreds of new items, enemies, bosses, gameplay modes and room layouts.

Release date for Afterbirth is not officially announced but developer Edmund McMillan has announced during PAX that the release date will be announced in early September.

Publisher Trion Worlds announces a new spin on the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre in form of the turn based MOBA Atlas Reactor.

Atlas Reactor is claiming to be a simultaneous competitive turn based tactics game that will be a unique experience for those who play it.

Release date is to be announced but alpha sign ups are already available on their website and alpha access will be coming “soon.”

Developer The Behemoth shows off Castle Crashers Remastered. A remake of their hack and slash side scroller from 2008.

The remastered edition improves on frame rate, graphical quality, and the visual animations, as well as adding a new game mode called “Back Off Barbarian.”

Release on the Xbox One is set for Summer 2016 with a PC release to follow shortly after. There has been no announcement of a PS4 release but a PS4 release is expected at some point, but much later than Xbox One.

Publisher Greybox and their upcoming spaceship tactical battle simulator game Dreadnought is once again the game everyone is talking about after leaving the event.

Ever since the game was reveled at E3 2014, it has gotten fantastic reviews from all of those who could get their hands on it and once again, those at PAX have said great things about the game slated to release fall 2015.

The game is currently set to only release on the PC but rumors of a PS4 release have floated around so console gamers keep your fingers crossed.

Nintendo officially announced a Shovel Knight Amiibo figurine coming out along side the new Shovel Knight DLC Plague of Shadows.

All 3DS and Wii U owners of the Shovel Knight game will get exclusive dlc if they purchase the Amiibo. The DLC Plague of Shadows is set to release in late September but the Amiibo does not currently have a release date.

Switching over to table top games, the Magic: The Gathering trading card game has revealed some of the new mechanics and cards in their upcoming expansion Battle for Zendikar.

The long running trading card game has seen a large spike of new players ever since releasing the Origins expansion in July of 2015.

Battle for Zendikar will be the first expansion since Origins and will be hitting game stores in early October.

There were many tournaments that took place during PAX so only the big money winners will be covered.

Team MVP Black won the $30,000 first place price for Heroes of the Storm. The team sOs took home a $10,000 first place price in Starcraft 2. Tom60229 won a $10,000 first place price in the Hearthstone tournament after winning game seven in a best of seven.

The big winner was Seth Manfield, who took home $50,000 after winning the 2015 Magic: The Gathering World Championship.

The next big PAX event will be PAX South at the end of January.