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  • May 4CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 273 new cases, 18 dead in L.A. County

2015-2016 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Kendall Faulkner Author See Kendall Faulkner’s profile
See Kendall Faulkner’s profile
Saffana Hijaz Author See Saffana Hijaz’s profile
See Saffana Hijaz’s profile
Thomas Gallegos Author See Thomas Gallegos’s profile
See Thomas Gallegos’s profile
Armen Aghabekov Author See Armen Aghabekov’s profile
See Armen Aghabekov’s profile
Sarah Goulding Author See Sarah Goulding’s profile
See Sarah Goulding’s profile
Jordan Ball Author See Jordan Ball’s profile
See Jordan Ball’s profile
Stephanie Stanziano Author See Stephanie Stanziano’s profile
See Stephanie Stanziano’s profile
Daniel Shin Author See Daniel Shin’s profile
See Daniel Shin’s profile
Wahid Lodin Author See Wahid Lodin’s profile
See Wahid Lodin’s profile
Betsy Belle Camacho Author See Betsy Belle Camacho’s profile
See Betsy Belle Camacho’s profile
Priscilla Diaz Author See Priscilla Diaz’s profile
See Priscilla Diaz’s profile
Alex Razo Author See Alex Razo’s profile
See Alex Razo’s profile
James Fike Author See James Fike’s profile
See James Fike’s profile
Jasmin Robinson Author See Jasmin Robinson’s profile
See Jasmin Robinson’s profile
Leni Maiai Author See Leni Maiai’s profile
See Leni Maiai’s profile
Halie Cook Author See Halie Cook’s profile
See Halie Cook’s profile
Christian Beltran Author See Christian Beltran’s profile
See Christian Beltran’s profile
Nicollette Ashtiani Author See Nicollette Ashtiani’s profile
See Nicollette Ashtiani’s profile
Daniel Velarde Author See Daniel Velarde’s profile
See Daniel Velarde’s profile
Manny Araujo Author See Manny Araujo’s profile
See Manny Araujo’s profile
America Garza Author See America Garza’s profile
See America Garza’s profile
Max Zeronian Author See Max Zeronian’s profile
See Max Zeronian’s profile
Trine Bay Larsen Author See Trine Bay Larsen’s profile
See Trine Bay Larsen’s profile
Alyson Burton Author See Alyson Burton’s profile
See Alyson Burton’s profile
Yvonne Zimmerman Author See Yvonne Zimmerman’s profile
See Yvonne Zimmerman’s profile
Eliset Zapien Author See Eliset Zapien’s profile
See Eliset Zapien’s profile
Edemy Rodriguez Author See Edemy Rodriguez’s profile
See Edemy Rodriguez’s profile
Mariah Sherriffe Author See Mariah Sherriffe’s profile
See Mariah Sherriffe’s profile
Alejandro Zizumbo Author See Alejandro Zizumbo’s profile
See Alejandro Zizumbo’s profile
Breanne Foster Author See Breanne Foster’s profile
See Breanne Foster’s profile
Vanessa Barajas Author See Vanessa Barajas’s profile
See Vanessa Barajas’s profile
David Yapkowitz Author See David Yapkowitz’s profile
See David Yapkowitz’s profile
Anthony Walton Author See Anthony Walton’s profile
See Anthony Walton’s profile
Michelle Moran Author See Michelle Moran’s profile
See Michelle Moran’s profile
Roza Asgharzadeh Author See Roza Asgharzadeh’s profile
See Roza Asgharzadeh’s profile
Giovanni Garcia Author See Giovanni Garcia’s profile
See Giovanni Garcia’s profile
Nicholas Thompson Author See Nicholas Thompson’s profile
See Nicholas Thompson’s profile
Julissa Vasquez Author See Julissa Vasquez’s profile
See Julissa Vasquez’s profile
Laine Wherritt Author See Laine Wherritt’s profile
See Laine Wherritt’s profile
Ashley Du Author See Ashley Du’s profile
See Ashley Du’s profile
Julie Gauthier Author See Julie Gauthier’s profile
See Julie Gauthier’s profile
Breana Harris Author See Breana Harris’s profile
See Breana Harris’s profile
Stepakoff Joshua Author See Stepakoff Joshua’s profile
See Stepakoff Joshua’s profile
Lauren Gates Author See Lauren Gates’s profile
See Lauren Gates’s profile
Danielle Parmentier Author See Danielle Parmentier’s profile
See Danielle Parmentier’s profile
Ryan Wilson Author See Ryan Wilson’s profile
See Ryan Wilson’s profile
William Pond Author See William Pond’s profile
See William Pond’s profile
Alejandra Gonzalez Author See Alejandra Gonzalez’s profile
See Alejandra Gonzalez’s profile
Nick Barrile Author See Nick Barrile’s profile
See Nick Barrile’s profile
Sergio Monreal Author See Sergio Monreal’s profile
See Sergio Monreal’s profile
Joseph Jackson Author See Joseph Jackson’s profile
See Joseph Jackson’s profile
Lucas Fehring Author See Lucas Fehring’s profile
See Lucas Fehring’s profile
Hannah Brunelli Author See Hannah Brunelli’s profile
See Hannah Brunelli’s profile
Yocasta Arias Author See Yocasta Arias’s profile
See Yocasta Arias’s profile
Blaise Scemama Author See Blaise Scemama’s profile
See Blaise Scemama’s profile
Frank Addelia Author See Frank Addelia’s profile
See Frank Addelia’s profile
Amber Partida Author See Amber Partida’s profile
See Amber Partida’s profile
Leia Tabert Author See Leia Tabert’s profile
See Leia Tabert’s profile
Curtis Poindexter Author See Curtis Poindexter’s profile
See Curtis Poindexter’s profile
Jose Romero Author See Jose Romero’s profile
See Jose Romero’s profile
Nathalie Ramirez Author See Nathalie Ramirez’s profile
See Nathalie Ramirez’s profile
Justen Christensen Author See Justen Christensen’s profile
See Justen Christensen’s profile
Kimiya Manoochehri Author See Kimiya Manoochehri’s profile
See Kimiya Manoochehri’s profile
Danny Arriaza Author See Danny Arriaza’s profile
See Danny Arriaza’s profile
Frances Ramsel Author See Frances Ramsel’s profile
See Frances Ramsel’s profile
Kami Kalandjian Author See Kami Kalandjian’s profile
See Kami Kalandjian’s profile
ariana duenas Author See ariana duenas’s profile
See ariana duenas’s profile
Catalina Roldan Author See Catalina Roldan’s profile
See Catalina Roldan’s profile
Anthony Kim Author See Anthony Kim’s profile
See Anthony Kim’s profile
Ariana Duenas Author See Ariana Duenas’s profile
See Ariana Duenas’s profile
Edith Monreal Author See Edith Monreal’s profile
See Edith Monreal’s profile
Lauren Cohen Author See Lauren Cohen’s profile
See Lauren Cohen’s profile
Matthew Wojtasiak Author See Matthew Wojtasiak’s profile
See Matthew Wojtasiak’s profile
Daniel Robles Author See Daniel Robles’s profile
See Daniel Robles’s profile
Harry Bennett Author See Harry Bennett’s profile
See Harry Bennett’s profile
Kelsey Earl Author See Kelsey Earl’s profile
See Kelsey Earl’s profile
Erik Luna Author See Erik Luna’s profile
See Erik Luna’s profile
Eric Licas Author See Eric Licas’s profile
See Eric Licas’s profile
Kate Haggard Author See Kate Haggard’s profile
See Kate Haggard’s profile
Genna Gold Author See Genna Gold’s profile
See Genna Gold’s profile
Peter Felsch Author See Peter Felsch’s profile
See Peter Felsch’s profile
Brandon Jauregui Author See Brandon Jauregui’s profile
See Brandon Jauregui’s profile
Amanda Reveles Author See Amanda Reveles’s profile
See Amanda Reveles’s profile
Lindsay Baffo Author See Lindsay Baffo’s profile
See Lindsay Baffo’s profile
Edward Ruano Author See Edward Ruano’s profile
See Edward Ruano’s profile
Diego Girgado Author See Diego Girgado’s profile
See Diego Girgado’s profile
Daisy Perez Author See Daisy Perez’s profile
See Daisy Perez’s profile
Ashley Grant Author See Ashley Grant’s profile
See Ashley Grant’s profile
Brenda Mendez Author See Brenda Mendez’s profile
See Brenda Mendez’s profile
Kanako Miyazaki Author See Kanako Miyazaki’s profile
See Kanako Miyazaki’s profile
Ashley Horton Author See Ashley Horton’s profile
See Ashley Horton’s profile
Tigran Martirosyan Author See Tigran Martirosyan’s profile
See Tigran Martirosyan’s profile
Lita Van Houten Author See Lita Van Houten’s profile
See Lita Van Houten’s profile
Diego Marquez Author See Diego Marquez’s profile
See Diego Marquez’s profile
Natalie Jimenez Author See Natalie Jimenez’s profile
See Natalie Jimenez’s profile
Ayyaz Khan Author See Ayyaz Khan’s profile
See Ayyaz Khan’s profile
Violet Canelo Author See Violet Canelo’s profile
See Violet Canelo’s profile
Josue Aguilar Author See Josue Aguilar’s profile
See Josue Aguilar’s profile
Patricia Perdomo Author See Patricia Perdomo’s profile
See Patricia Perdomo’s profile
Michael Serrano Author See Michael Serrano’s profile
See Michael Serrano’s profile
Ellen Choi Author See Ellen Choi’s profile
See Ellen Choi’s profile
Elizabeth Vazquez Author See Elizabeth Vazquez’s profile
See Elizabeth Vazquez’s profile
Patricia Carrillo Author See Patricia Carrillo’s profile
See Patricia Carrillo’s profile
Contributor Author See Contributor’s profile
See Contributor’s profile
Jody Holcomb General Manager See Jody Holcomb’s profile
See Jody Holcomb’s profile
Manny D. Araujo Author See Manny D. Araujo’s profile
See Manny D. Araujo’s profile
Jake Tully Author See Jake Tully’s profile
See Jake Tully’s profile
Ryan Mancini Author See Ryan Mancini’s profile
See Ryan Mancini’s profile
Sunshine Chatman Author See Sunshine Chatman’s profile
See Sunshine Chatman’s profile
David Carter Author See David Carter’s profile
See David Carter’s profile
Vincent Nguyen Author See Vincent Nguyen’s profile
See Vincent Nguyen’s profile
Javier Cabrera Author See Javier Cabrera’s profile
See Javier Cabrera’s profile
Anthony Martinez Author See Anthony Martinez’s profile
See Anthony Martinez’s profile
Gretchen Macchiarella Author See Gretchen Macchiarella’s profile
See Gretchen Macchiarella’s profile
Hansook Oh Author See Hansook Oh’s profile
See Hansook Oh’s profile
Kenneth Berry Author See Kenneth Berry’s profile
See Kenneth Berry’s profile
Michael Arvizu Author See Michael Arvizu’s profile
See Michael Arvizu’s profile
Brooke Holland Author See Brooke Holland’s profile
See Brooke Holland’s profile
Pilar De Haro Author See Pilar De Haro’s profile
See Pilar De Haro’s profile
Elizabeth Vasquez Author See Elizabeth Vasquez’s profile
See Elizabeth Vasquez’s profile
Antione Bowman Author See Antione Bowman’s profile
See Antione Bowman’s profile
Raul Martinez Author See Raul Martinez’s profile
See Raul Martinez’s profile
Matador News Author See Matador News’s profile
See Matador News’s profile
Julius Lasin Author See Julius Lasin’s profile
See Julius Lasin’s profile
Michael Herrera Author See Michael Herrera’s profile
See Michael Herrera’s profile
Lynn Rosado Author See Lynn Rosado’s profile
See Lynn Rosado’s profile
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