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  • January 16CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 14,669 new cases, 253 dead in L.A. County

2019-2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Sandra TanBusiness ManagerSee Sandra Tan's profile
See Sandra Tan's profile
Nicole BendaDistributionSee Nicole Benda's profile
See Nicole Benda's profile
HaoWen HsuehSales SupportSee HaoWen Hsueh's profile
See HaoWen Hsueh's profile
Estefano VasquezSales RepresentativeSee Estefano Vasquez's profile
See Estefano Vasquez's profile
Olivia VakayilSales RepresentativeSee Olivia Vakayil's profile
See Olivia Vakayil's profile
Kelly SalvadorSales RepresentativeSee Kelly Salvador's profile
See Kelly Salvador's profile
Pathik PatelSales RepresentativeSee Pathik Patel's profile
See Pathik Patel's profile
Ewan McNeilGraphic DesignerSee Ewan McNeil's profile
See Ewan McNeil's profile
Pradnya KalgutkarCopy EditorsSee Pradnya Kalgutkar's profile
See Pradnya Kalgutkar's profile
Arvli WardPublisherSee Arvli Ward's profile
See Arvli Ward's profile
Alexander NinoReporterSee Alexander Nino's profile
See Alexander Nino's profile
Eric LopezReporterSee Eric Lopez's profile
See Eric Lopez's profile
Jordan NathanReporterSee Jordan Nathan's profile
See Jordan Nathan's profile
Leticia Barcendas NavarroReporterSee Leticia Barcendas Navarro's profile
See Leticia Barcendas Navarro's profile
Tim StrongPhotographerSee Tim Strong's profile
See Tim Strong's profile
Rayleen SilvaReporterSee Rayleen Silva's profile
See Rayleen Silva's profile
Luis VazquezReporterSee Luis Vazquez's profile
See Luis Vazquez's profile
Natalie FinaSocial Media ManagerSee Natalie Fina's profile
See Natalie Fina's profile
Elaine SandersGraphic Designer, Video EditorsSee Elaine Sanders's profile
See Elaine Sanders's profile
Munina LamChief Copy EditorSee Munina Lam's profile
See Munina Lam's profile
Ivey MellemChief Copy EditorSee Ivey Mellem's profile
See Ivey Mellem's profile
Andres SotoSports EditorSee Andres Soto's profile
See Andres Soto's profile
Joelena DespardIllustratorSee Joelena Despard's profile
See Joelena Despard's profile
Kimberly Silverio-BautistaAssistant News EditorSee Kimberly Silverio-Bautista's profile
See Kimberly Silverio-Bautista's profile
Deja Magee MossA&E EditorSee Deja Magee Moss's profile
See Deja Magee Moss's profile
Nick GriffinReporterSee Nick Griffin's profile
See Nick Griffin's profile
Brendan Reed-CrabAssistant Video Editor, Distribution LeadSee Brendan Reed-Crab's profile
See Brendan Reed-Crab's profile
Gillian Moran-PerezRecruitmentSee Gillian Moran-Perez's profile
See Gillian Moran-Perez's profile
Elaine SandersVideo EditorSee Elaine Sanders's profile
See Elaine Sanders's profile
Logan BikEditor in ChiefSee Logan Bik's profile
See Logan Bik's profile
Bryanna WinnerSports EditorSee Bryanna Winner's profile
See Bryanna Winner's profile
Jody HolcombGeneral ManagerSee Jody Holcomb's profile
See Jody Holcomb's profile
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