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  • January 16CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 14,669 new cases, 253 dead in L.A. County

2016-2017 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
Curtis CammeronAuthorSee Curtis Cammeron's profile
See Curtis Cammeron's profile
Deja MageeAuthorSee Deja Magee's profile
See Deja Magee's profile
Em PierceAuthorSee Em Pierce's profile
See Em Pierce's profile
Ben WalkerAuthorSee Ben Walker's profile
See Ben Walker's profile
Michael MeeksAuthorSee Michael Meeks's profile
See Michael Meeks's profile
Betsie GarciaAuthorSee Betsie Garcia's profile
See Betsie Garcia's profile
Luis GarciaAuthorSee Luis Garcia's profile
See Luis Garcia's profile
Fathima Khaja MohaideenAuthorSee Fathima Khaja Mohaideen's profile
See Fathima Khaja Mohaideen's profile
Manuel FuentesAuthorSee Manuel Fuentes's profile
See Manuel Fuentes's profile
Nicole WongAuthorSee Nicole Wong's profile
See Nicole Wong's profile
Kendall FaulknerAuthorSee Kendall Faulkner's profile
See Kendall Faulkner's profile
Ivan SalinasAuthorSee Ivan Salinas's profile
See Ivan Salinas's profile
Carolyne HogikyanAuthorSee Carolyne Hogikyan's profile
See Carolyne Hogikyan's profile
Alex RazoAuthorSee Alex Razo's profile
See Alex Razo's profile
James FikeAuthorSee James Fike's profile
See James Fike's profile
Mimi KouriehAuthorSee Mimi Kourieh's profile
See Mimi Kourieh's profile
Nathan HicklingAuthorSee Nathan Hickling's profile
See Nathan Hickling's profile
America GarzaAuthorSee America Garza's profile
See America Garza's profile
Lars Tangen-AckermanAuthorSee Lars Tangen-Ackerman's profile
See Lars Tangen-Ackerman's profile
David YapkowitzAuthorSee David Yapkowitz's profile
See David Yapkowitz's profile
Joanna BautistaAuthorSee Joanna Bautista's profile
See Joanna Bautista's profile
Dede OgbuezeAuthorSee Dede Ogbueze's profile
See Dede Ogbueze's profile
Blaise ScemamaAuthorSee Blaise Scemama's profile
See Blaise Scemama's profile
Frank AddeliaAuthorSee Frank Addelia's profile
See Frank Addelia's profile
Nathalie RamirezAuthorSee Nathalie Ramirez's profile
See Nathalie Ramirez's profile
Danny ArriazaAuthorSee Danny Arriaza's profile
See Danny Arriaza's profile
ariana duenasAuthorSee ariana duenas's profile
See ariana duenas's profile
Erik LunaAuthorSee Erik Luna's profile
See Erik Luna's profile
Eric LicasAuthorSee Eric Licas's profile
See Eric Licas's profile
Brandon JaureguiAuthorSee Brandon Jauregui's profile
See Brandon Jauregui's profile
Ashley HortonAuthorSee Ashley Horton's profile
See Ashley Horton's profile
Nate GrahamAuthorSee Nate Graham's profile
See Nate Graham's profile
Benjamin VerheidenAuthorSee Benjamin Verheiden's profile
See Benjamin Verheiden's profile
Diego MarquezAuthorSee Diego Marquez's profile
See Diego Marquez's profile
Josue AguilarAuthorSee Josue Aguilar's profile
See Josue Aguilar's profile
Michael SerranoAuthorSee Michael Serrano's profile
See Michael Serrano's profile
Alejandro ArandaAuthorSee Alejandro Aranda's profile
See Alejandro Aranda's profile
Elizabeth VazquezAuthorSee Elizabeth Vazquez's profile
See Elizabeth Vazquez's profile
Max SullivanAuthorSee Max Sullivan's profile
See Max Sullivan's profile
Michele RodriguezAuthorSee Michele Rodriguez's profile
See Michele Rodriguez's profile
Samantha GulliksonAuthorSee Samantha Gullikson's profile
See Samantha Gullikson's profile
Martin TorresAuthorSee Martin Torres's profile
See Martin Torres's profile
Audrey ArellanoAuthorSee Audrey Arellano's profile
See Audrey Arellano's profile
Ariane AzarAuthorSee Ariane Azar's profile
See Ariane Azar's profile
Eduardo MirandaAuthorSee Eduardo Miranda's profile
See Eduardo Miranda's profile
Taylor ClaytonAuthorSee Taylor Clayton's profile
See Taylor Clayton's profile
Meliss ArteagaAuthorSee Meliss Arteaga's profile
See Meliss Arteaga's profile
Harrison KatzAuthorSee Harrison Katz's profile
See Harrison Katz's profile
Stacey ArevaloAuthorSee Stacey Arevalo's profile
See Stacey Arevalo's profile
Donna LugoAuthorSee Donna Lugo's profile
See Donna Lugo's profile
Robert SpalloneAuthorSee Robert Spallone's profile
See Robert Spallone's profile
Han Byol YiAuthorSee Han Byol Yi's profile
See Han Byol Yi's profile
Brandon MackenAuthorSee Brandon Macken's profile
See Brandon Macken's profile
Evelyn HernandezAuthorSee Evelyn Hernandez's profile
See Evelyn Hernandez's profile
Vanessa SaenzAuthorSee Vanessa Saenz's profile
See Vanessa Saenz's profile
Josselyne RivasAuthorSee Josselyne Rivas's profile
See Josselyne Rivas's profile
Cristina PimentelAuthorSee Cristina Pimentel's profile
See Cristina Pimentel's profile
Tawnya CervantesAuthorSee Tawnya Cervantes's profile
See Tawnya Cervantes's profile
Glory Rose CruzAuthorSee Glory Rose Cruz's profile
See Glory Rose Cruz's profile
Solomon LadvienkaAuthorSee Solomon Ladvienka's profile
See Solomon Ladvienka's profile
Dalia EspinosaAuthorSee Dalia Espinosa's profile
See Dalia Espinosa's profile
Jose OcampoAuthorSee Jose Ocampo's profile
See Jose Ocampo's profile
Raquel RamirezAuthorSee Raquel Ramirez's profile
See Raquel Ramirez's profile
Ebony HardimanAuthorSee Ebony Hardiman's profile
See Ebony Hardiman's profile
Brian ShepherdAuthorSee Brian Shepherd's profile
See Brian Shepherd's profile
Daniel ValenciaAuthorSee Daniel Valencia's profile
See Daniel Valencia's profile
Nikolas SamuelsAuthorSee Nikolas Samuels's profile
See Nikolas Samuels's profile
Jessica StahlAuthorSee Jessica Stahl's profile
See Jessica Stahl's profile
Robeal TesfamichaelAuthorSee Robeal Tesfamichael's profile
See Robeal Tesfamichael's profile
Jad BitarAuthorSee Jad Bitar's profile
See Jad Bitar's profile
Ricardo VarelaAuthorSee Ricardo Varela's profile
See Ricardo Varela's profile
Marja ZiemerAuthorSee Marja Ziemer's profile
See Marja Ziemer's profile
Noemi SalcedoAuthorSee Noemi Salcedo's profile
See Noemi Salcedo's profile
Cynthia EscamillaAuthorSee Cynthia Escamilla's profile
See Cynthia Escamilla's profile
Laura MendezAuthorSee Laura Mendez's profile
See Laura Mendez's profile
Christina AlfaroAuthorSee Christina Alfaro's profile
See Christina Alfaro's profile
Andrew GoodmanAuthorSee Andrew Goodman's profile
See Andrew Goodman's profile
Sandra SayAuthorSee Sandra Say's profile
See Sandra Say's profile
Heidi WeinrichAuthorSee Heidi Weinrich's profile
See Heidi Weinrich's profile
Joanna RosalesAuthorSee Joanna Rosales's profile
See Joanna Rosales's profile
Joceline BarronAuthorSee Joceline Barron's profile
See Joceline Barron's profile
Jessica HerreraAuthorSee Jessica Herrera's profile
See Jessica Herrera's profile
Tera TrujilloAuthorSee Tera Trujillo's profile
See Tera Trujillo's profile
Brianna RendonAuthorSee Brianna Rendon's profile
See Brianna Rendon's profile
Jessica EliasAuthorSee Jessica Elias's profile
See Jessica Elias's profile
Lorena SalinasAuthorSee Lorena Salinas's profile
See Lorena Salinas's profile
Lauren ValenciaAuthorSee Lauren Valencia's profile
See Lauren Valencia's profile
Nicole MerinoAuthorSee Nicole Merino's profile
See Nicole Merino's profile
Ryan BasultoAuthorSee Ryan Basulto's profile
See Ryan Basulto's profile
Tomas RodriguezAuthorSee Tomas Rodriguez's profile
See Tomas Rodriguez's profile
ContributorAuthorSee Contributor's profile
See Contributor's profile
Jody HolcombGeneral ManagerSee Jody Holcomb's profile
See Jody Holcomb's profile
Ryan ManciniAuthorSee Ryan Mancini's profile
See Ryan Mancini's profile
Mateo MeleroAuthorSee Mateo Melero's profile
See Mateo Melero's profile
David CarterAuthorSee David Carter's profile
See David Carter's profile
Anthony MartinezAuthorSee Anthony Martinez's profile
See Anthony Martinez's profile
Mercedes MayersAuthorSee Mercedes Mayers's profile
See Mercedes Mayers's profile
Gretchen MacchiarellaAuthorSee Gretchen Macchiarella's profile
See Gretchen Macchiarella's profile
Brian AndradeAuthorSee Brian Andrade's profile
See Brian Andrade's profile
Elizabeth VasquezAuthorSee Elizabeth Vasquez's profile
See Elizabeth Vasquez's profile
Cory DransfeldtAuthorSee Cory Dransfeldt's profile
See Cory Dransfeldt's profile
Valley View NewsAuthorSee Valley View News's profile
See Valley View News's profile
Matador NewsAuthorSee Matador News's profile
See Matador News's profile
Michael HerreraAuthorSee Michael Herrera's profile
See Michael Herrera's profile
Heather SmithAuthorSee Heather Smith's profile
See Heather Smith's profile
Lynn RosadoAuthorSee Lynn Rosado's profile
See Lynn Rosado's profile
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