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  • April 16CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 643 new cases, 36 dead in L.A. County

2018-2019 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Deja Magee Author See Deja Magee’s profile
See Deja Magee’s profile
Raychel Stewart Opinion Editor See Raychel Stewart’s profile
See Raychel Stewart’s profile
Ben Walker Author See Ben Walker’s profile
See Ben Walker’s profile
Ethan Hanson Author See Ethan Hanson’s profile
See Ethan Hanson’s profile
Evgeniya Emolkina Author See Evgeniya Emolkina’s profile
See Evgeniya Emolkina’s profile
Justin Vigil Author See Justin Vigil’s profile
See Justin Vigil’s profile
Gillian Moran-Perez Recruitment See Gillian Moran-Perez’s profile
See Gillian Moran-Perez’s profile
Lucy Conrad Author See Lucy Conrad’s profile
See Lucy Conrad’s profile
Victor Rojas Author See Victor Rojas’s profile
See Victor Rojas’s profile
Betsie Garcia Author See Betsie Garcia’s profile
See Betsie Garcia’s profile
Tyler Wainfeld Author See Tyler Wainfeld’s profile
See Tyler Wainfeld’s profile
Kelli Jones Author See Kelli Jones’s profile
See Kelli Jones’s profile
Elliott Keegan Author See Elliott Keegan’s profile
See Elliott Keegan’s profile
Jairo Alvarado Author See Jairo Alvarado’s profile
See Jairo Alvarado’s profile
Baraa Alkassir Author See Baraa Alkassir’s profile
See Baraa Alkassir’s profile
Destiny Nadeau Author See Destiny Nadeau’s profile
See Destiny Nadeau’s profile
Romona Kivett Author See Romona Kivett’s profile
See Romona Kivett’s profile
Christine Martinez Author See Christine Martinez’s profile
See Christine Martinez’s profile
Andrea Esparza Video Editor See Andrea Esparza’s profile
See Andrea Esparza’s profile
Gina Park Author See Gina Park’s profile
See Gina Park’s profile
Lori Bashian Author See Lori Bashian’s profile
See Lori Bashian’s profile
Zack Rome Author See Zack Rome’s profile
See Zack Rome’s profile
Elaina Tovar Author See Elaina Tovar’s profile
See Elaina Tovar’s profile
Melissa Rojas Author See Melissa Rojas’s profile
See Melissa Rojas’s profile
Jessica Hernandez Author See Jessica Hernandez’s profile
See Jessica Hernandez’s profile
John Hernandez Author See John Hernandez’s profile
See John Hernandez’s profile
Jordan Campbell Author See Jordan Campbell’s profile
See Jordan Campbell’s profile
Chelsea Hays Author See Chelsea Hays’s profile
See Chelsea Hays’s profile
Sean Hanafi Author See Sean Hanafi’s profile
See Sean Hanafi’s profile
Roberto Cisneros Author See Roberto Cisneros’s profile
See Roberto Cisneros’s profile
Nick Griffin Author See Nick Griffin’s profile
See Nick Griffin’s profile
Elaine Sanders Video Editor See Elaine Sanders’s profile
See Elaine Sanders’s profile
Elijah Carr Author See Elijah Carr’s profile
See Elijah Carr’s profile
Susanna Behnan Author See Susanna Behnan’s profile
See Susanna Behnan’s profile
Thania Garcia Author See Thania Garcia’s profile
See Thania Garcia’s profile
Gabriela Soriano Author See Gabriela Soriano’s profile
See Gabriela Soriano’s profile
Katharine Charnay Author See Katharine Charnay’s profile
See Katharine Charnay’s profile
Justin Lee Author See Justin Lee’s profile
See Justin Lee’s profile
Celeste Vaca Author See Celeste Vaca’s profile
See Celeste Vaca’s profile
Kenneth Birkland Author See Kenneth Birkland’s profile
See Kenneth Birkland’s profile
Emmanuelle Roumain Author See Emmanuelle Roumain’s profile
See Emmanuelle Roumain’s profile
Ashley Hawn Author See Ashley Hawn’s profile
See Ashley Hawn’s profile
Sarah Hofstedt Author See Sarah Hofstedt’s profile
See Sarah Hofstedt’s profile
Kiley Arce Author See Kiley Arce’s profile
See Kiley Arce’s profile
Alex Guerrero Author See Alex Guerrero’s profile
See Alex Guerrero’s profile
Anthony Huben Author See Anthony Huben’s profile
See Anthony Huben’s profile
America Calderon Author See America Calderon’s profile
See America Calderon’s profile
Sloane Bozzi Assistant News Editor See Sloane Bozzi’s profile
See Sloane Bozzi’s profile
Yomira Saiqui Author See Yomira Saiqui’s profile
See Yomira Saiqui’s profile
Sarai Henry Author See Sarai Henry’s profile
See Sarai Henry’s profile
Luke Natali Author See Luke Natali’s profile
See Luke Natali’s profile
Geovanni Botticella Author See Geovanni Botticella’s profile
See Geovanni Botticella’s profile
Trevor Sena Author See Trevor Sena’s profile
See Trevor Sena’s profile
Dalal Alrashed Author See Dalal Alrashed’s profile
See Dalal Alrashed’s profile
Rachel Nizinski Author See Rachel Nizinski’s profile
See Rachel Nizinski’s profile
Perla Colin Author See Perla Colin’s profile
See Perla Colin’s profile
Rugved Saurabh Darwhekar Web Development See Rugved Saurabh Darwhekar’s profile
See Rugved Saurabh Darwhekar’s profile
Donna P. Crilly Author See Donna P. Crilly’s profile
See Donna P. Crilly’s profile
Hanna Von Matern Author See Hanna Von Matern’s profile
See Hanna Von Matern’s profile
Blake Berry Author See Blake Berry’s profile
See Blake Berry’s profile
Manuel A. Fuentes Author See Manuel A. Fuentes’s profile
See Manuel A. Fuentes’s profile
Genesis Villarreal Author See Genesis Villarreal’s profile
See Genesis Villarreal’s profile
Bryce Oakes Author See Bryce Oakes’s profile
See Bryce Oakes’s profile
Noelle Nakamura Author See Noelle Nakamura’s profile
See Noelle Nakamura’s profile
Hadie Tobar Author See Hadie Tobar’s profile
See Hadie Tobar’s profile
Manuel Fuentes Author See Manuel Fuentes’s profile
See Manuel Fuentes’s profile
Ivan Salinas Author See Ivan Salinas’s profile
See Ivan Salinas’s profile
Bryanna Winner Sports Editor See Bryanna Winner’s profile
See Bryanna Winner’s profile
Nick Rose Author See Nick Rose’s profile
See Nick Rose’s profile
Daniel Velarde Author See Daniel Velarde’s profile
See Daniel Velarde’s profile
Clare Calzada Author See Clare Calzada’s profile
See Clare Calzada’s profile
Benjamin Verheiden Author See Benjamin Verheiden’s profile
See Benjamin Verheiden’s profile
Max Sullivan Author See Max Sullivan’s profile
See Max Sullivan’s profile
Solomon Ladvienka Author See Solomon Ladvienka’s profile
See Solomon Ladvienka’s profile
Marja Ziemer Author See Marja Ziemer’s profile
See Marja Ziemer’s profile
Agustin Garcia Editor in Chief See Agustin Garcia’s profile
See Agustin Garcia’s profile
Contributor Author See Contributor’s profile
See Contributor’s profile
Jody Holcomb General Manager See Jody Holcomb’s profile
See Jody Holcomb’s profile
PJ Shahamat Audio Editor See PJ Shahamat’s profile
See PJ Shahamat’s profile
Rugved Darwhekar Author See Rugved Darwhekar’s profile
See Rugved Darwhekar’s profile
Cory Dransfeldt Author See Cory Dransfeldt’s profile
See Cory Dransfeldt’s profile
Mary Berberyan Author See Mary Berberyan’s profile
See Mary Berberyan’s profile
Joshua Pacheco Managing Visual Editor See Joshua Pacheco’s profile
See Joshua Pacheco’s profile
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