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2004-2005 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
defaultuser Author See defaultuser’s profile
See defaultuser’s profile
Special to the Daily Sundial Author See Special to the Daily Sundial’s profile
See Special to the Daily Sundial’s profile
Guest Columnist Author See Guest Columnist’s profile
See Guest Columnist’s profile
Editor in Chief Author See Editor in Chief’s profile
See Editor in Chief’s profile
Sports editor Author See Sports editor’s profile
See Sports editor’s profile
summer Sundial Author See summer Sundial’s profile
See summer Sundial’s profile
Judy Sisneros Author See Judy Sisneros’s profile
See Judy Sisneros’s profile
Ana Gutierrez Author See Ana Gutierrez’s profile
See Ana Gutierrez’s profile
Brittany Ricketts Author See Brittany Ricketts’s profile
See Brittany Ricketts’s profile
Kristen Prescott Author See Kristen Prescott’s profile
See Kristen Prescott’s profile
Marcus Afzali Author See Marcus Afzali’s profile
See Marcus Afzali’s profile
Deborah Rivera Author See Deborah Rivera’s profile
See Deborah Rivera’s profile
Cristina Everett Author See Cristina Everett’s profile
See Cristina Everett’s profile
Laraine Fisher Author See Laraine Fisher’s profile
See Laraine Fisher’s profile
Maria Jose Sullivan Author See Maria Jose Sullivan’s profile
See Maria Jose Sullivan’s profile
Natalie Babila Author See Natalie Babila’s profile
See Natalie Babila’s profile
Anne Armacost Author See Anne Armacost’s profile
See Anne Armacost’s profile
Deborah Reeves Author See Deborah Reeves’s profile
See Deborah Reeves’s profile
Lindsay Mills Author See Lindsay Mills’s profile
See Lindsay Mills’s profile
Ryan Denham Author See Ryan Denham’s profile
See Ryan Denham’s profile
Stephanie Costa Author See Stephanie Costa’s profile
See Stephanie Costa’s profile
Adam Parth Author See Adam Parth’s profile
See Adam Parth’s profile
Sean Paroski Author See Sean Paroski’s profile
See Sean Paroski’s profile
Managing Editor Author See Managing Editor’s profile
See Managing Editor’s profile
columnist Author See columnist’s profile
See columnist’s profile
City Editor Author See City Editor’s profile
See City Editor’s profile
El Nuevo Sol Author See El Nuevo Sol’s profile
See El Nuevo Sol’s profile
Letter to the editor Author See Letter to the editor’s profile
See Letter to the editor’s profile
Photo editor Author See Photo editor’s profile
See Photo editor’s profile
Opinion Editor Author See Opinion Editor’s profile
See Opinion Editor’s profile
Daily spotlight editor Author See Daily spotlight editor’s profile
See Daily spotlight editor’s profile
Wire editor Author See Wire editor’s profile
See Wire editor’s profile
features editor Author See features editor’s profile
See features editor’s profile
From Editorial Author See From Editorial’s profile
See From Editorial’s profile
illustrations editor Author See illustrations editor’s profile
See illustrations editor’s profile
Info Desk Supervisor Oviatt Li Author See Info Desk Supervisor Oviatt Li’s profile
See Info Desk Supervisor Oviatt Li’s profile
Francisca Rivas Author See Francisca Rivas’s profile
See Francisca Rivas’s profile
See SAL HERNANDEZ’s profile
Sue Davis Author See Sue Davis’s profile
See Sue Davis’s profile
Fabiola Cruz Author See Fabiola Cruz’s profile
See Fabiola Cruz’s profile
WENDY DE LA O Author See WENDY DE LA O’s profile
See WENDY DE LA O’s profile
Ben Miller Author See Ben Miller’s profile
See Ben Miller’s profile
Jaclyn Houghton Author See Jaclyn Houghton’s profile
See Jaclyn Houghton’s profile
Robert McDonald Author See Robert McDonald’s profile
See Robert McDonald’s profile
Daily Sundial Author See Daily Sundial’s profile
See Daily Sundial’s profile
test Author See test’s profile
See test’s profile
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