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  • April 16CORONAVIRUS DAILY UPDATE: 643 new cases, 36 dead in L.A. County

2017-2018 Staff

Staff Member Staff Position
Curtis Cammeron Author See Curtis Cammeron’s profile
See Curtis Cammeron’s profile
Leeza Maisyan Author See Leeza Maisyan’s profile
See Leeza Maisyan’s profile
Tandy Lau Author See Tandy Lau’s profile
See Tandy Lau’s profile
Deja Magee Author See Deja Magee’s profile
See Deja Magee’s profile
Ethan Hanson Author See Ethan Hanson’s profile
See Ethan Hanson’s profile
Julio Mendez Ulloa Author See Julio Mendez Ulloa’s profile
See Julio Mendez Ulloa’s profile
Kia Topps Author See Kia Topps’s profile
See Kia Topps’s profile
Kianna Hendricks Editor in Chief See Kianna Hendricks’s profile
See Kianna Hendricks’s profile
Johnathan Ramses Author See Johnathan Ramses’s profile
See Johnathan Ramses’s profile
Pranita Koirala Author See Pranita Koirala’s profile
See Pranita Koirala’s profile
Brandon Ilano Author See Brandon Ilano’s profile
See Brandon Ilano’s profile
Diane Roxas Author See Diane Roxas’s profile
See Diane Roxas’s profile
Orlando Mayorquin See Orlando Mayorquin’s profile
See Orlando Mayorquin’s profile
Gisselle Pernett Author See Gisselle Pernett’s profile
See Gisselle Pernett’s profile
Victor Herrera Jr Author See Victor Herrera Jr’s profile
See Victor Herrera Jr’s profile
Steven Workman Author See Steven Workman’s profile
See Steven Workman’s profile
Ethan Hatia Author See Ethan Hatia’s profile
See Ethan Hatia’s profile
Evgeniya Emolkina Author See Evgeniya Emolkina’s profile
See Evgeniya Emolkina’s profile
Lauren Turner Dunn Author See Lauren Turner Dunn’s profile
See Lauren Turner Dunn’s profile
Jacob Pascua Author See Jacob Pascua’s profile
See Jacob Pascua’s profile
Karlie Habitz Author See Karlie Habitz’s profile
See Karlie Habitz’s profile
Justin Vigil Author See Justin Vigil’s profile
See Justin Vigil’s profile
Samantha Fuller-Hall Author See Samantha Fuller-Hall’s profile
See Samantha Fuller-Hall’s profile
Christine Martinez Author See Christine Martinez’s profile
See Christine Martinez’s profile
Breaunne Pinckney Author See Breaunne Pinckney’s profile
See Breaunne Pinckney’s profile
Andrea Esparza Video Editor See Andrea Esparza’s profile
See Andrea Esparza’s profile
Daniel Saad Author See Daniel Saad’s profile
See Daniel Saad’s profile
Alin Boughousi Author See Alin Boughousi’s profile
See Alin Boughousi’s profile
Daniela Barhanna Author See Daniela Barhanna’s profile
See Daniela Barhanna’s profile
Jose Mendoza Author See Jose Mendoza’s profile
See Jose Mendoza’s profile
Makenna Sievertson Author See Makenna Sievertson’s profile
See Makenna Sievertson’s profile
Zack Rome Author See Zack Rome’s profile
See Zack Rome’s profile
Savannah Dimarco Author See Savannah Dimarco’s profile
See Savannah Dimarco’s profile
Blanca Palacios Author See Blanca Palacios’s profile
See Blanca Palacios’s profile
Lisset Sanchez Author See Lisset Sanchez’s profile
See Lisset Sanchez’s profile
Aliyah Allen Author See Aliyah Allen’s profile
See Aliyah Allen’s profile
Kelcey Henderson Author See Kelcey Henderson’s profile
See Kelcey Henderson’s profile
Abdulaziz Almurad Author See Abdulaziz Almurad’s profile
See Abdulaziz Almurad’s profile
Tamara Shapiro Author See Tamara Shapiro’s profile
See Tamara Shapiro’s profile
Breanna Burnette Author See Breanna Burnette’s profile
See Breanna Burnette’s profile
Aaron Lanuza Author See Aaron Lanuza’s profile
See Aaron Lanuza’s profile
Nathaniel Graham Author See Nathaniel Graham’s profile
See Nathaniel Graham’s profile
Gabbie Puzon Author See Gabbie Puzon’s profile
See Gabbie Puzon’s profile
Joshua Pacheco Managing Visual Editor See Joshua Pacheco’s profile
See Joshua Pacheco’s profile
Justin Lee Author See Justin Lee’s profile
See Justin Lee’s profile
Kenneth Birkland Author See Kenneth Birkland’s profile
See Kenneth Birkland’s profile
Kiley Arce Author See Kiley Arce’s profile
See Kiley Arce’s profile
Arpy Zargarian Author See Arpy Zargarian’s profile
See Arpy Zargarian’s profile
Karina Lira Author See Karina Lira’s profile
See Karina Lira’s profile
Herbert Orellana Author See Herbert Orellana’s profile
See Herbert Orellana’s profile
Johnny Ruiz Author See Johnny Ruiz’s profile
See Johnny Ruiz’s profile
Brandon Ashford Author See Brandon Ashford’s profile
See Brandon Ashford’s profile
Ivan Salinas Author See Ivan Salinas’s profile
See Ivan Salinas’s profile
Nick Rose Author See Nick Rose’s profile
See Nick Rose’s profile
Mimi Kourieh Author See Mimi Kourieh’s profile
See Mimi Kourieh’s profile
Dede Ogbueze Author See Dede Ogbueze’s profile
See Dede Ogbueze’s profile
Frank Addelia Author See Frank Addelia’s profile
See Frank Addelia’s profile
Justen Christensen Author See Justen Christensen’s profile
See Justen Christensen’s profile
Clare Calzada Author See Clare Calzada’s profile
See Clare Calzada’s profile
Nate Graham Author See Nate Graham’s profile
See Nate Graham’s profile
Benjamin Verheiden Author See Benjamin Verheiden’s profile
See Benjamin Verheiden’s profile
Daisy Orozco Author See Daisy Orozco’s profile
See Daisy Orozco’s profile
Alejandro Aranda Author See Alejandro Aranda’s profile
See Alejandro Aranda’s profile
Elizabeth Vazquez Author See Elizabeth Vazquez’s profile
See Elizabeth Vazquez’s profile
Max Sullivan Author See Max Sullivan’s profile
See Max Sullivan’s profile
Solomon Ladvienka Author See Solomon Ladvienka’s profile
See Solomon Ladvienka’s profile
Daniel Valencia Author See Daniel Valencia’s profile
See Daniel Valencia’s profile
Jessica Stahl Author See Jessica Stahl’s profile
See Jessica Stahl’s profile
Marja Ziemer Author See Marja Ziemer’s profile
See Marja Ziemer’s profile
Joanna Rosales Author See Joanna Rosales’s profile
See Joanna Rosales’s profile
Nicole Merino Author See Nicole Merino’s profile
See Nicole Merino’s profile
Ryan Basulto Author See Ryan Basulto’s profile
See Ryan Basulto’s profile
Contributor Author See Contributor’s profile
See Contributor’s profile
Jody Holcomb General Manager See Jody Holcomb’s profile
See Jody Holcomb’s profile
Gretchen Macchiarella Author See Gretchen Macchiarella’s profile
See Gretchen Macchiarella’s profile
Hansook Oh Author See Hansook Oh’s profile
See Hansook Oh’s profile
Tamara Syed Author See Tamara Syed’s profile
See Tamara Syed’s profile
Elizabeth Vasquez Author See Elizabeth Vasquez’s profile
See Elizabeth Vasquez’s profile
Valley View News Author See Valley View News’s profile
See Valley View News’s profile
Agustin Garcia Editor in Chief See Agustin Garcia’s profile
See Agustin Garcia’s profile
Karin Abcarians Author See Karin Abcarians’s profile
See Karin Abcarians’s profile
Helen Bezikyan Author See Helen Bezikyan’s profile
See Helen Bezikyan’s profile
Michael Herrera Author See Michael Herrera’s profile
See Michael Herrera’s profile
Mary Berberyan Author See Mary Berberyan’s profile
See Mary Berberyan’s profile
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